Tuesday, 24 December 2013

from Sat., Dec. 14th'13 to Christmas Eve

Advent Penance Celebration

            I don’t know if I have gluttony, but I know how controlling I can be. Do I do unto others, as the Lord did for me; when I’m not the most sharing guy on the block?

            I don’t know if it’s wrath, but what a revenging spirit I had. Am I, loving my neighbour, as Christ loved His Bride, when I’m not forgiving others; even when they forgave me?

            I don’t know I have greed, when I am denying we are the children of Abba; but if I don’t put God first in my life: am I believing, the Father has the plan?

            I don’t know I lust when I’m betraying another. But could I be more immaculate by respecting my sister?

            I don’t think I envy but how uncaring. Am I concerned how well off am I, rather appreciating my brother?

            I haven’t pride, but do a bit of boasting. Do I break Ten Commandments, when not rather honouring God, Creation, Creatures, Church and State?

            I don’t call it sloth, but am giving up. What else is it: discouraging myself, and my fellow creatures, however we need to be hanging on!
Does modern man, do I, need contrition over issues? When we only identify quasi-legal, poor behaviour, or bad attitude, do we ever need to be penitent – go to Reconciliation? This is my examination of conscience before Christmas Confession.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

seasonal poem

St. Andrew’s and Advent Today!

            Called to be a fisher of souls

            Let us bring our brother

            Hope our stocking not filled with coals

            Cause we didn’t listen to Mother


            Every Saturday we think of her

            This the Feast of St. Andrew

            Feelings of Christmas will stir

            Tonight lit Advent wreath show


            She said don’t be insensitive

            To those around you

            It’s the season to give

            Not a time to be blue


            God gave us His Spirit

            First to her and the Apostles

            Flames the upper room lit

            Preach like Pentecostals


            The Child she would bear

            Brought one another joy

            He will come again here
            Let all hearts employ

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A toss of a coin.

Christ the King
            Is this the Feast or is this Grey Cup Party Day? Why not toss a coin? Today I wore a Norman Rockwell tie of the toss of the coin. Great games have been played by winning the toss. Is the wind of change, the wind of the Spirit blowing in our favour? The wind of revival has to restore faith in the church. Sometimes fighting against an ill wind improves the team spirit to challenge them to victory. I hope I’m on the winning team. I hope I’m not leaving things up to chance. I hope I’m not as fickle as a coin toss. Christ rules the universe and nothing is left up to chance really. You have to make Christ the Ruler of your world. Life is as unpredictable as a toss of a coin. Heads: the Lord wins; tails: the devil loses.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

from last night hope

The Proof
   You've got to prove it for yourself. It's not up to your parent, a saint, or an ancestor. You must find the Master on your own; not leave it to the Pope, another pastor, or some guru: to help you find the Way. The Christ said don't call one another rabbi, just come to the Father through the Lord Jesus, whose Holy Spirit will guide you to the Truth. Come to the Light, tried by all mankind; don't let your lover convince you of the Life, which is tested true. Neither can your sister nor your brother show you Love, but the Lover of your Soul may give it to you; that lasts forever. Let Creation point you on the path: may Holy Souls, holy people and leaders in the faith, steer you onward and upward, and friends encourage you. But friend, take a good look on your own, because not by sight, but by faith we are saved; not by our works, but by God's grace you'll see so great a salvation. By Church's teaching, from the Church, Christ's bride and in that Church, One Body, you solely discover Faith, like the partner chooses her mate.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Another day to celebrate?

Thanksgiving Triduum ‘2013

            So here is my idea for this time of year for what it is worth. I don’t suppose anybody on the planet shares this view with me; still I imagine, though it isn’t worth the powder at this time: we should have an international religious holiday on November 3rd every year, a Thanksgiving Day. American Thanksgiving is too late in the year, too close to Christmas, Canadian Thanksgivings is too early in the year and they are only arbitrary dates anyway. It would help create good neighbourly relations between the two countries, good for families to have the same date to visit each other, and good for business to not duplicate things commercially. November 3rd is pretty much right in between the two thanksgiving days. Other countries might start to celebrate the date. Great Britain might change its Harvest Home holiday, whenever that is, in favour of International Thanksgiving Day. The present Thanksgivings Day wherever has lost its religious meaning. It’s just turkey day in most people’s lives now. If it followed Hallowe’en, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day, it could be another triduum, like Easter, a celebration, as is Christmastime, more than just the one day. We could be thankful for the trick or treat shell out candy, thankful if you don't live in a house of horrors like we see displayed in every neighbourhood in North America. Give thanks for belonging to a culture of life, not a culture of death, which is very vividly portrayed today, thanks for the kingdom of light, after so many children dress up as those from the kingdom of darkness. It could dispel the depression that worsens as the seasons change and days become shorter. We should be so full of thanksgiving, for the Saints, for the Souls of the dearly and faithfully departed, for the harvest of souls, for the provisions of our land, and for the Light and Life of Christ that we share another festive occasion and our bounty with the rest of Earth of every nation. God has blessed this continent so we must so help others. This Triduum is just an idea.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Proposal and a Song for St. Jude

From Sunday, October 20th, ‘2013

            This weekend I’ve gone to 2 Masses, one other church service, seen the show Triumph, spent time in the Parish Centre, in a men’s group, in the Hall, and Perpetual Adoration Chapel. You can see my main interest in life is religious, if you haven’t read my blog before and couldn’t tell from that.

            First let me tell you about Triumph. It’s a story about Medjugorge of former Yugoslavia. It is predominately about peace and the apparition of Our Lady of Peace. It talks about how the Islamic, the Orthodox and the RC have the same God and can have peace.

            Second let me say that one of the most gallant, noble and daunting deeds done in the world today is the proposal of marriage. Against all odds a gentleman goes down on one knee to propose wedlock to a lady, which is to stand the test of time. That is what God proposes to us today. The new covenant is like a life-long contract in which we are the bride of Christ set aside for the marriage of the Lamb.

            When you are Baptised, have your first Communion, your first Confession and are Confirmed in Catholicism you are accepting the proposal of the Lord God. Why go to Confession to a priest? Peter was told he could bind of loose on earth or heaven. Matt 16:19 During the great commission to forgive sins was given with the breath of the Holy Spirit. John 20:21-23 It is a deed of humility to see a priest, who represents Christ and the Church and has more education and experience than a counselor or therapist. ``… giving such authority to people.`` Matt 9:8 ``… confess your sins to one another … pray … you will be healed … a good person has a powerful effect.`` James 5:16 above scripture from TEV

            In the homily this weekend for World Mission Sunday, Pope Frances was quoted as saying we are not to impose our religion on others but propose it. I found peace in our parish and Christ`s message is to propose to everybody peace. The mission of the church is to share this proposal to all the World.

            The other sermon I heard was centred on ``Much in every way! First of all, they have been entrusted with the very words of God.`` Romans 3:2 from NIV Christians of all faiths have been intrusted with the Word of God and should share the same message, mission and way of peace. We all need to accept God`s proposal to us to forgive us, forgive others and love each other, no terms, forever, which is my third and final point. Peace of Christ and God bless.

From today a Song for St. Jude

            My life was out of sync. I didn`t play the called for tune. I prayed to God and asked St. Jude to get me on track. I made further petition and got in the groove. Now I just plea – St. Jude don`t let me cross over to the past track record. I don`t want to skip any of the spiral into a perfect code which the Triune God has for me. I don`t want to scratch the wonderful vinyl pressed upon my new formed life sacramentally. Whether my life becomes a cut burned in MP3, copied on CD or even just vaulted tape, may I make music of thanks to my Redeemer, all praise and glory be. And thank you St. Jude, be my well-worn, old and mouldy gold.
            I see the need of those all around me as my own needs: predominantly spiritual and physical; but economic and emotional too. And education needs are to be met too. I hope this replete like liner notes, my Opus, a life for the Master, in progress.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

notes from my Journal

bits collected from: St. Norbert Day ’13, June 6th, Holiday Inn, Montreal;

a litany of our very human Hope

Jesus my Heart

Body of promise

Blood Whom art my rescue

Soul my sanity

Divinity of peace

Abba our transport

Father of inspiration

Dad of wonder

Origin of grace

Spirit so grand

Holy One comfort

Ghost giver of wisdom

Triune by our side

Magnificent healer

Demons out caster

Most generous friend

Constant companion

Dearest delight

Fairest judge

Here ‘till the end

cont. on Sacred Heart Day ’13, June 7th on the pilgrimage

Banquet secured

Rock solid

Mystery known

and 1st Martyrs of Rome Day ’13, June 30th, University Residence, Corner Brook

Reassurance of victory

Sanctity of sleep

Companion of travellers

Wealth of the poor

Benefactor of needy

Dominion of security

Gracious friend

Benevolent authority

Reliable friend

Eternal grace

’13, Sept. 5th, back at home

Have mercy on us and bless us Amen,  

Bless us, be with us, stay with us Holy Lord, Holy Daddy, Holy Spirit, in fill us and illumine us this day we ask in the Holy Name of Jesus Amen.

Labour Day in honour of St. Joseph, provide ’13, Sept. 2nd

Master Spirit, Master Lord, Master Daddy, Triune God help me this day to not be too bogged down with its challenges to dwell on failures or be too elated with the success of the day to always return thanks to You for needed resources. It’s not a contest, test or trial but a gift from You, a present to be unwrapped and enjoyed. To be a part of Your life, death and resurrection, to be celebrated, in its living: with Holy Communion; it’s with happiness and thanksgiving Amen. Forgive us Triune God for when we’ve let You down, been found wanting, not lived up to our name, or returned you love. May we seek Your forgiveness each time we’ve lost, failed, or been ruled against today. But too, may we seek Your success, others gain and Confess when we seek our own profit. May we be free from Mortal sin and forgiving others, be forgiven, by partaking of the Blessed Sacrament, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost Amen. May we be proud of the name Catholic and live up to the name, to our Baptism, empowered by the gift of the Spirit received then and at Confirmation Amen. May I love my wife today, honour the priesthood and receive Last Rites should the need arise Amen.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

paragraph on unification and a verse

Open up the gates to me

That eternity I see

Mary said you know I did

To my Son you I bid


Open the portholes for me wide

That I might cling to the Wounded Side

Jesus said you know you may

I am you take Amen you say


Open a door that I may be blessed

Be a one whom enters the rest

The creator said come into mine

The family of God is now thine


Open the entrance to everlasting peace

To all that praise may never cease

You know the Spirit says come

Feast with the Bridegroom forever home


Open a turnpike Way to Heaven

So all may take “the slow train comin’”

Hear the Triune God say

Join up take part enter in the Way



            What would it take for Orthodox and Roman Catholics to be one Church of God again? Isn’t it a shame that Catholics and Protestants, including myself, make repeated references to our differences and fail to think only about what we have in common as pilgrims of the Master; Whom we both call Lord? We are quick to think about those we think in another camp as unable to answer many questions beginning with: why do you…? when we haven’t any answers ourselves to their questions. We feel we need not try and help someone to see our side and we are not really on opposite sides in the first place. We both believe in heaven but do we think there is one heaven we will see each other in one day? I believe in angels who see the Father eyes and long to see us see eye to eye. The Saints in Glory and those with the gift of prophesy here below found the Triune One; we all call in brotherly or sisterly love upon Him. Any lack there of, before a final judgement, which we all in Christendom hold to coming, separates us from our God and from one and other.

See: Luke 12:48-52, John 7:39-44, I Cor. 1:9-11;3:1-3;11:17-19, Titus 3:9-11, Jude 1:18-20 for warnings on “division” & Deut. 33:46, Joshua 11:1-3, Judges 20:10-12, II Sam. 5:5-7, I Mac. 2:41-44, Col. 2:1-3, Heb. 4:1-3 and Acts 1:14;2:1 for “united” references. United with Mary for prayer was the early church before Pentecost. Find places in the Bible where the advantage is to be “joined”: II Kings 23:2-4, Ezra 6:21, Neh. 11:35-:36, Judith 14:9-11, Esther 9:27, I Mac. 3:1-11;11:72-74, II Mac. 8:22-24;13:11-13, Ecclesiastes 9:3-5, Acts 17:4,34, Eph. 2:20-22;4:15-17. And let’s not forget “Whoever is not against us is for us.” Mark 9:40. In the Roman Catholic Catechism: 789-11, 2305-111 and 542-111 there is further reference.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

After yesterday's Morning Prayer

May 4th,’13
“Unceasing care” in my Prayer
Of this morning I ask of Thee
Your love is unchanged
Unlike shifting shadows:
Yesterday, today and for eternity.
Not a passing compulsion
Like infatuation
But this endures.
No? Day to day
Jesus pays attention
To more of my needs
As less the devil allures.
When I’m tired, when I’m weary
You lift me up.
When I’m fed up
And my vision bleary
And I’m hungry
You say come; let’s sup.
So I celebrate you
The Bread of Life fills me with joy
Like the Manna from Heaven
Sustained the Chosen Few,
As the Bread of the Presence
Only eaten by their Priests
Was sacred and holy
You are my stay,
My stable feast.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Monday

March ’13, 31st, Easter Morning

    My life has momentum. Dad made the necessary changes to the auditory practice of the CMHC in terms of decentralizing and centralizing to give the government and banking the momentum to move from prewar to postwar reality. So he is in Who’s Who. That would have been WWII involvement followed by the first concepts of infrastructure. Slums to ghettos the critics said. He fought Nazi and Canadian corruption in his lifetime. He had enemies in all levels of strata. His life had momentum. After he retired he championed affordable housing for seniors, halfway houses for people with mental illness and housing for people in the evangelical church he attended all his life.
    My Mom’s life had momentum too. She was raised on a Quebec farm in a period she refused to call the good old days: before infrastructure, running water and electricity; horse a buggy days. She got a job in the big city of Montreal. She discovered she needed to make her “body and living sacrifice” to God. She started practicing her faith. He local church had an “in as much club” and she believed in their sacrificial giving. 20% of the family income was charitable donations. She helped organize the Ottawa Christian Business Women’s Society. She fought Depression. She never stopped praying for a son who had lost the faith. Such family momentum is contagious.
We are part of the family of God. The momentum of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is contagious. Our struggle, years of decline or demise eventuate in eternal happiness in Heaven. If you’re not going anywhere this year go to church. If you renew a Confirmation in Christ every morning your day will have momentum.
My life has had a born again momentum ever since I underwent the RCIA program in our parish. The SASE courses in our diocese refresh the Christian. Our church has momentum. I’ve taken Emmaus and New Life and look forward to John. Christ appeared to two disciples on the road to Emmaus after He died. They were going away from Jerusalem but his Word and breaking Bread gave momentum to them to return. This is one of the many reports of the Resurrection in the Bible. It is a love of Sacred Scripture which is a theme of the Emmaus course.
Another time the resurrected Jesus appeared to disciples is after they returned to their former occupation as fishermen. The risen Lord had fish cooking even before they had brought in their miraculous catch. God doesn’t need our sacrifices but he wants our heart, praise and thanks. No wonder our lives have momentum. We have new life with the Divine Mercy in the Spirit.
Today the culture of death: New Age, Gothic, abortion, euthanasia and same sex all lead to a stagnate society. In Ontario we face an election in which for me the choice is obvious to vote for my fellow BCMF guy, Neil Ford and the Family Coalition Party. If we are going to have the momentum to return to a culture of life we are not going to be able to partner with a liberal agenda but an evangelical conservatism.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Couple of Days Late and a Dollar Short

World Water Day
Where, oh where;
Is my God:
Do I know?
He’s seated;
At the right hand,
Of Abba in Heave!
Lordie: the shade,
On my right hand.
“Living on the inside;
Roaring like a Lion!”
Holy Spirit fills me,
Drunk with new Wine.
The Bread, the Bread,
He is in the Sacred Bread.
He is the Bread of Life.
He is the Living water.
A well;
Never dry.
I have running water:
Thank the Lord;
Give $5,
To Development and Peace.
How many peoples;
Have we let:
Die of drought,
Or bad water?
Like we’re bad blood?
God is there!
Precious Blood,
And water flows
From His precious wound.
Divine mercy;
Forgiveness in Him,
Can be found.
God is
In His Church,
The broken Body.
We need
To forgive.
We see Him
In the needy.
A cup of water,
Did we give?
In as much,
As we did it,
To the least of these;
We did it:
Unto Him!
Abba, Creator:
Seen in the wonderment
Of the Universe;
Made His space,
In my heart.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

how an empire ends

Ode to Habakkuk

What a book is Habakkuk,
By the minor prophet of that name,
3rd last in the 1st part of the Book of books;
Times like his and ours seem the same.

He saw the rise of Babylon;
We, the American Empire.
To the watchtower he took his concern.
We still can take ours to our spire.

In the a face of violence
And economic disparity
God told him have patience:
All eventually pay for severity.

Their culture trapped people on hooks.
How many are hooked today?
They didn’t value life.
Now question right to life, lots say.

God showed him Babylonians' falls,
“He comes with the brightness of lightning;…” – note 1
“…and there is no herd in the stalls,” – note 2
The Tribulation of America is frightening!

All prophets were persecuted.
“…For its maker trusts in what has been made,…” - note 3
Christians get a bad rap.
“…let everyone on earth be silent in his presence.” - note 4

1 – Habakkuk 3:4 TEV
2 – Habakkuk 3:17 NRSV
3 – Habakkuk 2:18 NRSV
4 – Habakkuk 2:20 TEV

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

the 4 seasons of my life

Lent, Mercy and the Holy Spirit
   If you are a practising RC or other Christian denomination that has sacred liturgy, you are aware that it is now Lent. Lent means Spring. While I am in the Winter of my life I remember the Spring. This year I gave up alcohol for Lent. I’m sure my wife would prefer it if this were for keeps. I gave it up for Lent once before but it didn’t last. I was 15 when I had my first taste of rum. When I was at an Ottawa Rough Riders football game in the end zone bleachers someone spiked my coffee. My father had rum in the house which he hide from my mother but only had it as rheumatism medicine rarely, and by the teaspoon just. My mother was tea total. I needed much mercy in the Summer of my life.
   When I was a toddler I learned what mercy was. When my mom scolded me and told me to pick up and put away toys, granma did it for me. When I was 3 I prayed God watch over me always. As a small child and I wasn’t given supper, hungry, I snuck in the kitchen and opened the bottom drawer of the stove, where my mom kept dried crusts of bread. Dad came in there and just said he was hungry too. My dad had a voracious appetite, for food, work, and philanthropy. He vetoed moms decision and we had the best tasting bread I can remember. Dad let his parents stay in our upstairs. Grandpa had to go to the hospital with mental health issues at the time I was born. A former owner of the house, Mrs. Sprat didn’t want to move when dad acquired the house, he let stay upstairs too.
  When I was 7 I gave my heart to Jesus and the next day asked him to keep me from sin. Many people are unchurched and have no idea what mercy is. In the Summer of my life I was one of those too. There is no point to the Prayer, fasting and generosity of Lent unless we accept the mercy of God. That is the key to Conversion, to the Sacrament of Penance. Unless we demonstrate our acceptance of mercy, others in the Church and the rest of the world will not know God’s mercy. Not unless we are merciful to all as well. We can’t do this without the gift of the Holy Spirit. In the Fall of my life there was much mercy and grace given by the Holy Spirit.
   Another thing RCs are aware of right now is the Conclave of Cardinals are electing a new Pope to replace Benedict XVI. There has been 2 ballots cast with nobody elected, the last I checked. Will you join me in praying that the Holy Spirit will guide them?

Friday, 8 February 2013

For the First Fruits

For the first fruits of our labour
is a peaceful calm
no more belligerant behaviour
humility is our alms
we offer to Jesus
courage for our hope
for too we have faith with Mary
we set no limits on our scope

we worship now in Spirit
for in truth here we know
our lives have merit
we have something to show
for our pilgrim's progress
for the battle rageth on
we need not always digress
our wantonness is gone

now we are drunk with Holy
Spirit from our Dad
God the Father solely
and the Beloved Lad
with the Holy Spirit
now we can cope
now we shall win it
our life has hope

Our hope is in Jesus
our brother and our Pasch
our friend through Mary
we don't just mask
our worries St. Joseph
take to your babe's throne
from the heart reapeth
a new lease we own

not to appear changist
there is inward change
we have Eucharist
our thoughts rearange
we tell a story
for a world to be
Christ child come in glory
for our eternity

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

10 favorite tenets to ponder

My top ten things to bring to mind.
One. God is number one. There is one Way. We are of one mind. There is: one body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one Baptism and one God.
Second; salvation: Jesus saves us from our sins.
Third, the truth of the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
The right ring of our real reward for righteousness through grace solely.
Finally forgiven we are when we forgive.
From the evening of January 19th, ’13 and Ephesians 4:4-6, on one hand and the other:
God is love,
God loves us,
we must love God,
we must love one another;
Love never fails!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

post epiphany from yesterday

The Baptism of Our Lord       January 11th ‘13
 In these last days of the Christmas season and first days of the New Year, I see I haven’t posted anything and I really don’t know what to do but try to start to blog some more. I did make resolutions, but am not sure how determined I am to keep them. Ones like spend more time writing and less time at work may have been born from laziness, and discontent, rather than commitment to improvements. What seems as an epiphany sometimes comes from delusion.
 In the Gospel readings at Mass this past week we are reminded how many times, in Christ’s time, God showed the world the divinity of Jesus. There was the Visit of the Wise Men, dreams and angels’ warnings and prophetic messages for this time. Jesus touches a leper clean. Jesus starts to preach in the home town. Jesus walks on water and calms the storm. Jesus multiplies bread and fish to feed five thousand men. From the first Jesus performed miracles and healings of everything.
 John 3:27 John answered, “No one can receive anything except what has been given from heaven.
 Luke 3:21&22 Now when all the people were baptized, and when Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, the heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven, “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.”
 Even though Jesus came in the room with me and I could see him like he ascended into heaven as everybody shall see him at the end of time I still did not experience an epiphany. I could hear him say I am coming back for you but it was many years later that I would give him any reason to do so other than to send me to purgatory or worse.
 Many times the disciples’ hearts were hardened and many times the chosen people were stiff necked. It seems no matter the profundity of revelation we fail to see Jesus, fail to see the Father. What would it take? Obviously it takes the grace of God for us to have the virtues we need to experience Conversion.
And thanks be to God these graces can come from the Sacraments. With the gift of the Holy Spirit we can bear fruit. What gift did you give Jesus this year? I want to make the gift of my heart most complete.