Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Couple of Days Late and a Dollar Short

World Water Day
Where, oh where;
Is my God:
Do I know?
He’s seated;
At the right hand,
Of Abba in Heave!
Lordie: the shade,
On my right hand.
“Living on the inside;
Roaring like a Lion!”
Holy Spirit fills me,
Drunk with new Wine.
The Bread, the Bread,
He is in the Sacred Bread.
He is the Bread of Life.
He is the Living water.
A well;
Never dry.
I have running water:
Thank the Lord;
Give $5,
To Development and Peace.
How many peoples;
Have we let:
Die of drought,
Or bad water?
Like we’re bad blood?
God is there!
Precious Blood,
And water flows
From His precious wound.
Divine mercy;
Forgiveness in Him,
Can be found.
God is
In His Church,
The broken Body.
We need
To forgive.
We see Him
In the needy.
A cup of water,
Did we give?
In as much,
As we did it,
To the least of these;
We did it:
Unto Him!
Abba, Creator:
Seen in the wonderment
Of the Universe;
Made His space,
In my heart.

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