Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Proposal and a Song for St. Jude

From Sunday, October 20th, ‘2013

            This weekend I’ve gone to 2 Masses, one other church service, seen the show Triumph, spent time in the Parish Centre, in a men’s group, in the Hall, and Perpetual Adoration Chapel. You can see my main interest in life is religious, if you haven’t read my blog before and couldn’t tell from that.

            First let me tell you about Triumph. It’s a story about Medjugorge of former Yugoslavia. It is predominately about peace and the apparition of Our Lady of Peace. It talks about how the Islamic, the Orthodox and the RC have the same God and can have peace.

            Second let me say that one of the most gallant, noble and daunting deeds done in the world today is the proposal of marriage. Against all odds a gentleman goes down on one knee to propose wedlock to a lady, which is to stand the test of time. That is what God proposes to us today. The new covenant is like a life-long contract in which we are the bride of Christ set aside for the marriage of the Lamb.

            When you are Baptised, have your first Communion, your first Confession and are Confirmed in Catholicism you are accepting the proposal of the Lord God. Why go to Confession to a priest? Peter was told he could bind of loose on earth or heaven. Matt 16:19 During the great commission to forgive sins was given with the breath of the Holy Spirit. John 20:21-23 It is a deed of humility to see a priest, who represents Christ and the Church and has more education and experience than a counselor or therapist. ``… giving such authority to people.`` Matt 9:8 ``… confess your sins to one another … pray … you will be healed … a good person has a powerful effect.`` James 5:16 above scripture from TEV

            In the homily this weekend for World Mission Sunday, Pope Frances was quoted as saying we are not to impose our religion on others but propose it. I found peace in our parish and Christ`s message is to propose to everybody peace. The mission of the church is to share this proposal to all the World.

            The other sermon I heard was centred on ``Much in every way! First of all, they have been entrusted with the very words of God.`` Romans 3:2 from NIV Christians of all faiths have been intrusted with the Word of God and should share the same message, mission and way of peace. We all need to accept God`s proposal to us to forgive us, forgive others and love each other, no terms, forever, which is my third and final point. Peace of Christ and God bless.

From today a Song for St. Jude

            My life was out of sync. I didn`t play the called for tune. I prayed to God and asked St. Jude to get me on track. I made further petition and got in the groove. Now I just plea – St. Jude don`t let me cross over to the past track record. I don`t want to skip any of the spiral into a perfect code which the Triune God has for me. I don`t want to scratch the wonderful vinyl pressed upon my new formed life sacramentally. Whether my life becomes a cut burned in MP3, copied on CD or even just vaulted tape, may I make music of thanks to my Redeemer, all praise and glory be. And thank you St. Jude, be my well-worn, old and mouldy gold.
            I see the need of those all around me as my own needs: predominantly spiritual and physical; but economic and emotional too. And education needs are to be met too. I hope this replete like liner notes, my Opus, a life for the Master, in progress.

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