Thursday, 31 October 2013

Another day to celebrate?

Thanksgiving Triduum ‘2013

            So here is my idea for this time of year for what it is worth. I don’t suppose anybody on the planet shares this view with me; still I imagine, though it isn’t worth the powder at this time: we should have an international religious holiday on November 3rd every year, a Thanksgiving Day. American Thanksgiving is too late in the year, too close to Christmas, Canadian Thanksgivings is too early in the year and they are only arbitrary dates anyway. It would help create good neighbourly relations between the two countries, good for families to have the same date to visit each other, and good for business to not duplicate things commercially. November 3rd is pretty much right in between the two thanksgiving days. Other countries might start to celebrate the date. Great Britain might change its Harvest Home holiday, whenever that is, in favour of International Thanksgiving Day. The present Thanksgivings Day wherever has lost its religious meaning. It’s just turkey day in most people’s lives now. If it followed Hallowe’en, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day, it could be another triduum, like Easter, a celebration, as is Christmastime, more than just the one day. We could be thankful for the trick or treat shell out candy, thankful if you don't live in a house of horrors like we see displayed in every neighbourhood in North America. Give thanks for belonging to a culture of life, not a culture of death, which is very vividly portrayed today, thanks for the kingdom of light, after so many children dress up as those from the kingdom of darkness. It could dispel the depression that worsens as the seasons change and days become shorter. We should be so full of thanksgiving, for the Saints, for the Souls of the dearly and faithfully departed, for the harvest of souls, for the provisions of our land, and for the Light and Life of Christ that we share another festive occasion and our bounty with the rest of Earth of every nation. God has blessed this continent so we must so help others. This Triduum is just an idea.

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