Friday, 16 January 2015

Love, the Church, and the Whole Truth

Guys don't have that much to say
Vive la difference in France they say
Cherchez la femme is not harassment
Females talk and talk away
Think they have been stalked today
Both sex need to rid themselves of resentment

St. John Baptist spoke up and told the crowd
La route firme for He Who is greater
La Hounde de la Heave chastised the crowd
'Till whole towns said none is greater
So if you think you fear a fanatic
Realize Reconciliation Forgiveness fantastic

The Converted Confirmed buzz of Baptised
Is a different greater new life
So if we want you born again from strife
Our Communion is so good be enticed
You only need fear God is so good
Single, married, religious, Healed, a priesthood 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

In the wee hours this morning.

Has It Dawned on Us?

Shooting and killing drugs or violence?
Why are you enamored our sons and daughters?
Are you enraptured in love or lust?
So much beyond and before wedlock?
Too much more no family at all?
Who cares for the baby born or unborn?
The child become an old man still nobody cares?
The girl now is an old woman raped?
Feel her pain so euthanize them?
Mortgage for you new home?
Or rent a luxury condo?
Nickels for those who have no place?
And dimes for them whom live at home?
Food piled on our plates in the garbage?
Garbage in our food our networks?
Our technology stinks our laps?
Topped our children forlorn?
Is it the American way?
Is it not like Palestine long long ago
Or like the time of Abram and Lot
Or earlier still as the days of Noah
Fire and sword destroyed Bethlehem and Pompeii
Costal floods like tidings and surprise
Attacks as news your world is gone
The Lord was born Prince of Peace
Rather we've bought the Prince of lies
This prince of the air says fly with me
Or fly me no need to change
Sure those troubles not your fault
No problem make it on your own
The Lord says drather be blessed with my Spirit
It says druther you were born again
Not live as mere flesh and blood
But have a New Life be Baptized
With water and the Spirit live again
Awaken to the Light of these matters
Poverty of spirit is the Way
The truth is the Church was
Never the prime source of evil
Areligious unreligious are
Those who accept the Christ as Truth
Do not disappoint at the rate
They outside a church do
The promises of satan are not true
True is the love of my God for me
I eagerly await the dawn of a day
Each day with grace every one free
Another day sweet Communion and mercy
The dawning of peace in my world in my time
A truth a reality a possibility a potential
Everybody sees and in everyone
This is the true spirit of America
True freedom in Canada Conversion in Mexico
Our Lady of Guadalupe was clothed with the sun
The moon at her feet treads on the serpent
Of lies that the dawn will never come
Our native land a Reconciled home!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

from a week ago

Word Play with Signs
New years day
Mother of May
Child of God
On barren sod
Proclaim a fast
Winter will last
February family
Listen to the homily
Afraid of your shadow
Anyway plough the furrow
Pray for rain
Ice storm again
Heat in June
Coming soon
Stage near you
All do
In sky
Bye by

   Oh, O Great God, You have made a wonderful world of emotions for us and sometimes it seems like a labyrinth to navigate. May they not rule over me but my spirit rules over it: Your spirit rules over mine. Heart of Jesus: from You comes the physical Universe; our physical health. It is as a maze to get help through the Canadian health and welfare system. May we not be lost in spirit but healed and well. Father of all mind-space - from the depth of my being I ask that my mental health soar to heights, within Your control too. may Your Spirit reign my spirit, my spiritual health. Amen. Resolved before dawn Jan.'15,1st.