Friday, 28 September 2012

Short Prayers from our dream vacation to LGV, BC

A Morning Prayer
Thank you Jesus for a nice night. Thanks Holy Spirit for a good night’s sleep. Thank you Father this morning for a new day.
We praise you anew Holy Trinity in faith, hope, and love to supply all our needs this day. May we adore you Lord in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar until you call us to Heave.
Bless our thoughts, actions, words and feelings today and may we cherish time spent with you.
Our daily Bread, bless our breakfast and us in thy service.
Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us. Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us. St. Joseph, her most chaste spouse, guard us. Amen.
A Nighttime Prayer
 Now at daylights end we turn to you again. As the nighttime begins renew our courage and our strength.
 Forgive us please any wrong and we shall forgive our neighbour. Then if the night lends a song be it one of thou our Hope to savour.
 We kept in faith today your promise. Love of friend or foe, love, or sinner. Keep us safe and from all demise so the world may know with you we are winners. Amen.
 Thanks for: this food, for our measure of health, for the cross; and a share in you suffering. Thanks for family and friends, for fun and respite from labour. Thanks for your consolation, for your rest and peace and your presence. Thank you God: for your grace, goodness and mercy; for our spiritual growth. Amen.

And I would like to add how thankful I am for the healing of L'Arche Greater Vancouver, Brithish Columbia and the chance to visit our daughter there. How blessed we are to be able to afford jet, sky train, bus and taxi travel when most of the world is marginally capable as pedestrians.

Monday, 3 September 2012

A poem from Labour Day weekend.

Spiritual Pride
What’s the big idea?
My Saviour said to me.
I want to be a mover
And a shaker!
You want to be holy?
Is that necessary?
May the Lord’s face
Always shine on me.
I did not always seek
The loving Father’s face.
I no longer could face God.
A prodigal in disgrace.
Where are you my wayward son?
Why not give it one last try?
Like so many in denial,
Numb to the hunger inside;
Every time I face temptations:
I was full of spiritual pride,
I don’t need more merciful grace,
Who needs spiritual food?
The Holy Spirit spot lit my heart.
And I begin to see my need.
“Do not hunger and thirst
For that which does not satisfy.
Feed the hungry, clothe the naked.
In as much as you’ve done it
Unto the least of these,
You’ve done it unto me.
Humble yourself!
Take up your cross.
Follow me.