Tuesday, 25 November 2014

After the Feast of St. Andrew Dung-Lac and companions

Lord grant me courage
Each day to do your will
How many times have issues
Or just been plain lazy
Made me seek the broad way
Had me look for easy street
Or not accept pain for me
I blush at the temptations of our age
Whatever small resistance they'd meet
How I've caused the worst ill
Every opportunity the word of faith might I say
Defend God, Church, even others with issues
It's the Truth to set us free
Our self-sacrifice be our only issues
These martyred Saints saved the day
We can help it still
Our weakness can be beat
Plant within us the Spirit to rage

Monday, 24 November 2014

inspired by the Gordon Lightfoot concert here last night

What did I play at?
When was I serious?
I have buried my talent?
Gathered rust rather than interest?
A fine matter it is
To save sin sick soul
Where is my treasure?
Why not on high make it gold?
Who is my master?
Self? or the drug?
Gluttons and sinners
Were the friends of the Lord
Whom is the Master!
Just a passerby
Stay with us Jesus
Bread of Angels
Drink never run dry

Friday, 31 October 2014


I'm sorry I don't know how to put the piano score with guitar chords for Thanksgiving Suite here now. However perhaps I could e-mail you the pdf of it as an attachment if you send me your e-mail address to teddynussey@hotmail.com and I will send you asa I Hallowe'en and II All Saints Day, III All Souls Day, and IV Thanksgiving Day subsequently.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

from Wed. facebook rhyme

Make Up Time

A generation lost in head space

The Lord said take it at you own pace

The plan is to save the human race

Spend the hours and stare in God’s face


Jesus pained look hung upon a tree

Was if not for you twas it not for me

From doubt grievous error backward humanity

O glorious day I was set free


Another day God did not sleep low

Though Christ stooped to all below

Like a mighty convoy en route we glow

This is the Spirit’s tremendous show


The Church is blessed why sinner lack

To former ways please don’t come back

Satan is one small pathetic hack
Be renewed and run with that pack

Friday, 10 October 2014

Thanksgiving Suite: words with guitar chords; soon pending full piano score here!

Thanksgiving Suite

I Hallowe’en

Bo9   C-                G               E-    A-

It has been held This Holy Eve That demons come

repeat chord sequence 8X

This is not what The Church has taught But it is told

We dress as Saints Heroes goblins And as witches

Ghouls go from door To door and say Trick or treat please

Some tricks weren’t nice Soap on windows Upset outhouse

Better shell out Apples kisses And popcorn balls

It’s the story Spooks roam tonight But it’s silly

Superstitions Haunted houses Jack-o-lanterns

Sleepy Hollow Legend before The All Saints Day

II All Saints Day

Refrain: C-              G7                C-                                                                                                  G7     Ab7                 G7             C-

                 We have triumphed And stand in awe With Holy God Look down and see Poor people who Need our prayers

     F          C-                        Ab7              G                           Co7    Ab7              F-    G-   Do7                       C-

1: I sang praise Psalms and still do If you ask King David to pray for you I’ll approach Adoni too

     C                G                             F       C                    G       F                  C

     I crushed the prophets of Baal And I come back to restore the Kingdom In St. John Elias soul ; Refrain

     Eb      G          D-                    C-                        Bo                 F         C-                   G       F               G                      C-

2: Peter one of twenty-four Elders around the throne of the Blest Lamb Lead Your worship inspire more

     Eb            G-                   D-            C-                          Bo        F    C-     G                                        C-

     Sing like St. Ephram did then Be pure as was St. Cecilia was St. Therese intercedes when ; Refrain

repeat chord sequence for 1 for;

3: St. Edith Stein’s sacrifice! St. Andre continue to heal masses St. John Paul the Great hear us

     Prophet’s Apostles Martyrs And all Saints we venerate on this day: Pray for us and hear our prayers ; the end of ii

III All Souls Day

     F    Bb      C     Eo        F                   C      Bb  F         G-                  Eo F     D-     C   F       Bb C F

1: Say a prayer for me please Just like she asked Danny boy to say Pray I awake if I sleeps

     Bb     C          G- F    Bb  F                        C              D- C  G-  G  C  F           C  F                  Bb C         F

2: Jesus comes again for me The dead in Christ in purgatory Raised before these on Earth see  

repeat chord sequence for 1 for;

3: In a twinkling we’ll be gone To be with those gone before to Heave Heaven and Earth pass along

repeat chord sequence for 2 for;

4: But not Lord’s Word to come back For none he promised to save from Hell Will perish we’ll no more lack

repeat chord sequence for 1 for;

5: Please ask me to pray for you And I’ll need your prayer to get me through As I’m purged clean of my dross

repeat chord sequence for 2 for;

6: And so on this All Souls Day Be sure to celebrate us all well See you again of the Way

IV Thanksgiving Day

Theme G       B-     C   A-  G           E-                 D  C  D   E-     B-   G                 C B- A- G      F#o G

a: Make this third of November The fourth in a row you celebrate With a Eucharist thankful

Var. 1 chord sequence similar for all variations

b: For as our North hemisphere Knows decay harvest home in Autumn This is the Fall to give thanks

Var. 2

c: God gives us all thankfulness For Hallowe’en All Saints and All Souls The Earth is in Thanksgiving

Var. 3

d: Like the Pilgrim’s meet Natives Offer others as Earth offers up All that is good and worthy

Theme chord sequence the same

e: This is trustworthy and true I’m thanking you you can thank me too As we give thanks together

Var. 4

f: Give thanks for what God has done Dad feeds us with Christ’s Body and Soul And saves us we’re born again

Var. 5

g: Baptise Holy Spirit thank Thank Confessor forgiven by Lord Thank Divine Mercy our God


h: Confirmed in Spirit and Truth Jesus come to me thanks God again All the Rites Papa Son Ghost

Var. 6

i: Father thank God for the Church Man thank God if you have had a spouse And thank God for our children


j: Thank God for the Sacraments Thank God for that of Healing Last Rite Thank God for the promised Heave


    G                  A-        F#o G       C                           G A-    D                    C      G     A- (F#o) G D   G

k: Thank God for the Sacrifice Christ the Great Amen in the name of Father Son and Holy Ghost

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Everybody has heard of King David
There isn't anyone who hasn't heard of the U. S. of A.
There is no longer a remote corner of Christendom
Unless it is what went wrong in you neighbourhood

What went wrong in David's neighbourhood
He stalked the wife of a generalissimo
His strategic politics got the man killed
The religious leader pointed out sin

You don't need to recriminate your neighbour
Our King Jesus tells us to love our enemies
The Good Samaritan is what to be
Be a friend to sinners as was the Stranger of Galilee

David did listen to his guru
He went through a lent, a penance, a conversion
He saw his royal line lead to Christ
And it is repentance that leads to revival

So if you are sorry for your sin
The Good Lord God has already forgiven
Tell your neighbour how you regale
In forgiveness there is the solution to wrong

Through the Blood of the Lamb of God
Who was taken like David took a prize lamb
I am set free revived and reeling
This new Wine of revival is coming to your neighbourhood

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Everyday Catholic

Everyday is a new beginning
Everyday is a gift from above
Everyday think of others
Everyday grow in love
Everyday a time for the Eucharist
Everyday a time of peace
Everyday the Spirit blesses
Everyday us from sins release
Everyday we accomplish good
Everyday few do ill
Everyday forgive and forget
Everyday do the Father's will
Everyday we are thankful
Everyday is Jesus touch
Everyday on wellness journey
Everyday pilgrims with so much
Everyday study and pray
Everyday connect with the Word
Everyday hear sister or brother
Everyday let Song be heard
Everyday apostle be
Everyday in the needy Christ see

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Born again from a Catholic perspective.

from St. John Baptist's nativity '14
It May Not Be
It may not be it happens overnight
There may not be a day or date
Before which you say I wasn't
But that was the date I was born again
You might not get struck by lightning
The Triune wants you head over heals
And heaven will still celebrate your new Life
Most people don't remember their Baptism
But remember their first Communion
And probably remember your first Sacrament of Reconciliation
Every time you're Reconciled to the Lord
Brings you closer too Last Rites do
Only then are you prepared to join
A heavenly band and if you kept Faith
You can't get closer to God than by
Daily taking the Eucharist being faithful
To Marital vows or Holy Orders
Is an everyday growth experience
You remember an Ordination or wedding sure
And your Confirmation I'd hope
But I'd hope the Spirit movers you each day
To do the Father's will like the Son said
Mine it may not be
Make me more like Jesus
Everyday I ask of Thee
More willing to serve others
Less likely to think of me
I can't change without you
Its with my turtle not lightning speed
That we carry on towards heaven
Grace upon grace deed upon deed
And He'll walk with us until the race is won
When we meet the Master then the journeys done
Most steps are small steps
The big one is the step up Home
Like a well within you that never runs dry
Christ's Spirit wells up and renews us
A refreshed new life ready for on high
No more sadness up there
No time to list no regrets
We accepted Jesus down here
And Christ turned us inside out
How we took Him in our heart
Mysterious love rhyme and reason
To become more like His Most Sacred Heart

Sunday, 15 June 2014

a piece for Trinity Sunday and one from Burlington, Vermont

Yesterday on Our Lady's Saturday morning I wrote this piece at home and the one following it was from our churches pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Divine Mercy almost 2 weeks ago.



Pope Francis calls You Papa

You call the Lord Son

The Son calls upon us the Holy Spirit

To blaze in our hearts with Love


We are all one family

What sticks to me and bounces back

Like an island is no man as rock

We all need peace through Heave’s Dove


The God Man is a true and solid Rock

And the Church is found on Simon called the Rock

God’s children are family and flock

Sure foundation of a Stumbling Block


Demons come laugh but beat retreat

What’s joined together can’t be put to defeat

The Spirit’s flame fuses hearts and minds

The children of Mary are just and kind


God with us Roman Catholic Hope

If the World today has any Hope

All peoples practicing one Faith in Peace

Cohesiveness together one Body of Peace


Abba Father Spirit Brother Lord all One

The Trinity and original Unity

As we partake of the Master’s Body and Blood

Make us a peace at one with You God


Stay with us Lord be our stay

Keep us in Your Holy Presence today

Help us to stick with you and others

This day stick to our sisters and brothers Amen


Come Back


Can we get it back

May Lord said to me

The way you looked at me

When we first met


Your heart skipped a beat

I had chosen you

To be with me forever


My heart really sank

When you told me you had another

You were an agnostic

You did not believe in me


There were things you wanted

And things somebody else could give

But what about the way we were

When we first got together


Try to love me again

Like you did with abandon

As when you were young

I want you for forever


Come back to me

I have not changed

It shall be the same

It will last forever


Turn once more to me

I will forgive you

Much more be mine

Come and follow me


Sunday, 1 June 2014

A poem for pilgrims

The Ascension

Nothing could be a more glorious hope,

Than the report Jesus was seen leaving for heaven!

I believe my faithful mother is with Him;

Still prays for me. And His Mother hears my prayer.


Next Sunday we remember that Pentecost,

Mary was with the Apostles to receive God’s Spirit.

This Holy Spirit and the Christ intercede for us

To Father God, One Triune above.


He went away to prepare a place

For loved ones here below:

The Way to God, there for us now,

A surety, comfort, counsel and friend.


Fear my Maker come again? Judge – nope,

For I know God’s forgiveness,

And we live that Life in the Light

Of this Love, to share, with others.


In that Truth we see glory.

The Master is King of all and me.

He, who always was, reigns:
Whom, lives throughout eternity.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

A Poem for Our Mother’s

You woke early to get breakfast

For me and my Dad

My Mother dear who

Cared for others so much


You went that morn with myrrh

To Lord for our God

Our Mother dear who

Hoped to anoint found the Angel


You go for protest this week

How your People and ancestors

Honorable hostess dear who

Suffer the Maoist regimes


You called down by the child

For company and our shows

My granny dear who

Put tyrant’s toys away and Mom appeased


You off to work the crack of dawn

For this guy and the student

Mother of my child dearest who

Brought home the bacon and Our Daily Bread


You first prayed the Psalms

For us, family and friend

Other Grandma dear who

Passed on when we were a small one


You prayed over Jerusalem

All who face a storm or scatter

As a mother hen gathers her chicks

Under her wings, Wisdom Holy Spirit


We join your church Sunday AM

Your daughter and I go

Not just to endure these tirades

But to bring back the grandchild mother-in-law


We attend your Church Our Mother

Bride of Christ whom was first

Mary and e’en the second Sunday of May

Think like of us men like mothers

The end

Sunday, 13 April 2014

From the Old Covenant to the New and God cares.

A Brief History of Mercy


He’s the God of the many

Outside His love there’s not any

Now not just Jew’s find God

But all who tread this barren sod


Before that Eve and Adam fell

From grace in Eden all went well

Now all God’s sons and daughters

The time of Noah go astray

We are all the slaves of sin

Sold like the fourth in line Joseph

Christ like Moses set us free

Not with the Law but Jesus blood


David King of an Empire

Forgiven promised Son to rule

We’ve come back from Babylon

We’ve the temple of the Spirit


Here Roman Cath’lics believe

In the Chalice and Host we’re free

Present in lives Lord of dance

We adore Him in the Monstrance


From age of Peter and Paul

As Saul’s persecution give’s strife

One’s still reject my Lord of Life

Helpeth me overcome my grief



It is the Lord Who cares


If I falter stumble and fall

It is the Lord Who cares

If I betray like Adam, David or Judas

It is You Jesus that really cares


Against You my God alone I’ve sinned

So it is You just the Christ reels me in

The Church Your Body offers Reconciliation for sin

Lead me home Holy Spirit through Confession in


Into the Master’s caring embrace stretched out for me

What could more show You care the Way to Calvary

King of kings You have seen my trouble hung upon the tree

It is Your care for my every woe sets me free


When my heartache and sin problems and trials seem tall

It is the cross inspires You bore there cares

We seem behind the eight ball only sink the white instead

By Your Spirit Almighty Saviour I know the Father cares


Called Consoler of poor Guide of this hapless man

When seems no hope in reason not the World that cares

It is not my brother or sister to have done what we can

But You o Precious Healer Who gently cares

Thursday, 13 February 2014

A poetic explanation of the plan of salvation

A New Tune

The prowess of the Lord of Hosts

Is truly amazing girl

His strong long right arm upholds

His mercy gentle as a curl


Sent from God the Father

Creator of our World

His One and only Prince of Peace

To mitigate our chaos which unfurled


The Holy Spirit of the two

The Father and the Son

Breathed forth our created universe

The battle the Triune over evil won


Abba Father has kept the flock

The Son sacrificed like a Lamb

Holy Spirit paraclete guide of Church

The all evil one in Hell to damn


For by the grace of God my friend

We can get it right

Jesus can set it straight

Forgiven with Love this very night


Our foolish pride own worst enemy

The story while ages run

In Conversion turns to joy

And life forever a song fun


So thank the Father with me

Praise Christ with His Sacrament

And let the Holy Ghost rein in your life

Gain that of a Saint saintly temperament


For though we had a mess below

A new world is coming

Our perfect Mother St. Joseph her chaste spouse

With the Master meets us at homecoming


We’ll have more words for the Stranger of Galilee

We’ll never stop whistling humming singing

The key is to start off today here
Now our live’s offerings proud to be bringing