Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Everybody has heard of King David
There isn't anyone who hasn't heard of the U. S. of A.
There is no longer a remote corner of Christendom
Unless it is what went wrong in you neighbourhood

What went wrong in David's neighbourhood
He stalked the wife of a generalissimo
His strategic politics got the man killed
The religious leader pointed out sin

You don't need to recriminate your neighbour
Our King Jesus tells us to love our enemies
The Good Samaritan is what to be
Be a friend to sinners as was the Stranger of Galilee

David did listen to his guru
He went through a lent, a penance, a conversion
He saw his royal line lead to Christ
And it is repentance that leads to revival

So if you are sorry for your sin
The Good Lord God has already forgiven
Tell your neighbour how you regale
In forgiveness there is the solution to wrong

Through the Blood of the Lamb of God
Who was taken like David took a prize lamb
I am set free revived and reeling
This new Wine of revival is coming to your neighbourhood

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Everyday Catholic

Everyday is a new beginning
Everyday is a gift from above
Everyday think of others
Everyday grow in love
Everyday a time for the Eucharist
Everyday a time of peace
Everyday the Spirit blesses
Everyday us from sins release
Everyday we accomplish good
Everyday few do ill
Everyday forgive and forget
Everyday do the Father's will
Everyday we are thankful
Everyday is Jesus touch
Everyday on wellness journey
Everyday pilgrims with so much
Everyday study and pray
Everyday connect with the Word
Everyday hear sister or brother
Everyday let Song be heard
Everyday apostle be
Everyday in the needy Christ see