Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A toss of a coin.

Christ the King
            Is this the Feast or is this Grey Cup Party Day? Why not toss a coin? Today I wore a Norman Rockwell tie of the toss of the coin. Great games have been played by winning the toss. Is the wind of change, the wind of the Spirit blowing in our favour? The wind of revival has to restore faith in the church. Sometimes fighting against an ill wind improves the team spirit to challenge them to victory. I hope I’m on the winning team. I hope I’m not leaving things up to chance. I hope I’m not as fickle as a coin toss. Christ rules the universe and nothing is left up to chance really. You have to make Christ the Ruler of your world. Life is as unpredictable as a toss of a coin. Heads: the Lord wins; tails: the devil loses.

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