Tuesday, 24 December 2013

from Sat., Dec. 14th'13 to Christmas Eve

Advent Penance Celebration

            I don’t know if I have gluttony, but I know how controlling I can be. Do I do unto others, as the Lord did for me; when I’m not the most sharing guy on the block?

            I don’t know if it’s wrath, but what a revenging spirit I had. Am I, loving my neighbour, as Christ loved His Bride, when I’m not forgiving others; even when they forgave me?

            I don’t know I have greed, when I am denying we are the children of Abba; but if I don’t put God first in my life: am I believing, the Father has the plan?

            I don’t know I lust when I’m betraying another. But could I be more immaculate by respecting my sister?

            I don’t think I envy but how uncaring. Am I concerned how well off am I, rather appreciating my brother?

            I haven’t pride, but do a bit of boasting. Do I break Ten Commandments, when not rather honouring God, Creation, Creatures, Church and State?

            I don’t call it sloth, but am giving up. What else is it: discouraging myself, and my fellow creatures, however we need to be hanging on!
Does modern man, do I, need contrition over issues? When we only identify quasi-legal, poor behaviour, or bad attitude, do we ever need to be penitent – go to Reconciliation? This is my examination of conscience before Christmas Confession.

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