Wednesday, 13 March 2013

the 4 seasons of my life

Lent, Mercy and the Holy Spirit
   If you are a practising RC or other Christian denomination that has sacred liturgy, you are aware that it is now Lent. Lent means Spring. While I am in the Winter of my life I remember the Spring. This year I gave up alcohol for Lent. I’m sure my wife would prefer it if this were for keeps. I gave it up for Lent once before but it didn’t last. I was 15 when I had my first taste of rum. When I was at an Ottawa Rough Riders football game in the end zone bleachers someone spiked my coffee. My father had rum in the house which he hide from my mother but only had it as rheumatism medicine rarely, and by the teaspoon just. My mother was tea total. I needed much mercy in the Summer of my life.
   When I was a toddler I learned what mercy was. When my mom scolded me and told me to pick up and put away toys, granma did it for me. When I was 3 I prayed God watch over me always. As a small child and I wasn’t given supper, hungry, I snuck in the kitchen and opened the bottom drawer of the stove, where my mom kept dried crusts of bread. Dad came in there and just said he was hungry too. My dad had a voracious appetite, for food, work, and philanthropy. He vetoed moms decision and we had the best tasting bread I can remember. Dad let his parents stay in our upstairs. Grandpa had to go to the hospital with mental health issues at the time I was born. A former owner of the house, Mrs. Sprat didn’t want to move when dad acquired the house, he let stay upstairs too.
  When I was 7 I gave my heart to Jesus and the next day asked him to keep me from sin. Many people are unchurched and have no idea what mercy is. In the Summer of my life I was one of those too. There is no point to the Prayer, fasting and generosity of Lent unless we accept the mercy of God. That is the key to Conversion, to the Sacrament of Penance. Unless we demonstrate our acceptance of mercy, others in the Church and the rest of the world will not know God’s mercy. Not unless we are merciful to all as well. We can’t do this without the gift of the Holy Spirit. In the Fall of my life there was much mercy and grace given by the Holy Spirit.
   Another thing RCs are aware of right now is the Conclave of Cardinals are electing a new Pope to replace Benedict XVI. There has been 2 ballots cast with nobody elected, the last I checked. Will you join me in praying that the Holy Spirit will guide them?

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