Wednesday, 6 November 2013

from last night hope

The Proof
   You've got to prove it for yourself. It's not up to your parent, a saint, or an ancestor. You must find the Master on your own; not leave it to the Pope, another pastor, or some guru: to help you find the Way. The Christ said don't call one another rabbi, just come to the Father through the Lord Jesus, whose Holy Spirit will guide you to the Truth. Come to the Light, tried by all mankind; don't let your lover convince you of the Life, which is tested true. Neither can your sister nor your brother show you Love, but the Lover of your Soul may give it to you; that lasts forever. Let Creation point you on the path: may Holy Souls, holy people and leaders in the faith, steer you onward and upward, and friends encourage you. But friend, take a good look on your own, because not by sight, but by faith we are saved; not by our works, but by God's grace you'll see so great a salvation. By Church's teaching, from the Church, Christ's bride and in that Church, One Body, you solely discover Faith, like the partner chooses her mate.

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