Sunday, 5 May 2013

After yesterday's Morning Prayer

May 4th,’13
“Unceasing care” in my Prayer
Of this morning I ask of Thee
Your love is unchanged
Unlike shifting shadows:
Yesterday, today and for eternity.
Not a passing compulsion
Like infatuation
But this endures.
No? Day to day
Jesus pays attention
To more of my needs
As less the devil allures.
When I’m tired, when I’m weary
You lift me up.
When I’m fed up
And my vision bleary
And I’m hungry
You say come; let’s sup.
So I celebrate you
The Bread of Life fills me with joy
Like the Manna from Heaven
Sustained the Chosen Few,
As the Bread of the Presence
Only eaten by their Priests
Was sacred and holy
You are my stay,
My stable feast.

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