Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Monday

March ’13, 31st, Easter Morning

    My life has momentum. Dad made the necessary changes to the auditory practice of the CMHC in terms of decentralizing and centralizing to give the government and banking the momentum to move from prewar to postwar reality. So he is in Who’s Who. That would have been WWII involvement followed by the first concepts of infrastructure. Slums to ghettos the critics said. He fought Nazi and Canadian corruption in his lifetime. He had enemies in all levels of strata. His life had momentum. After he retired he championed affordable housing for seniors, halfway houses for people with mental illness and housing for people in the evangelical church he attended all his life.
    My Mom’s life had momentum too. She was raised on a Quebec farm in a period she refused to call the good old days: before infrastructure, running water and electricity; horse a buggy days. She got a job in the big city of Montreal. She discovered she needed to make her “body and living sacrifice” to God. She started practicing her faith. He local church had an “in as much club” and she believed in their sacrificial giving. 20% of the family income was charitable donations. She helped organize the Ottawa Christian Business Women’s Society. She fought Depression. She never stopped praying for a son who had lost the faith. Such family momentum is contagious.
We are part of the family of God. The momentum of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is contagious. Our struggle, years of decline or demise eventuate in eternal happiness in Heaven. If you’re not going anywhere this year go to church. If you renew a Confirmation in Christ every morning your day will have momentum.
My life has had a born again momentum ever since I underwent the RCIA program in our parish. The SASE courses in our diocese refresh the Christian. Our church has momentum. I’ve taken Emmaus and New Life and look forward to John. Christ appeared to two disciples on the road to Emmaus after He died. They were going away from Jerusalem but his Word and breaking Bread gave momentum to them to return. This is one of the many reports of the Resurrection in the Bible. It is a love of Sacred Scripture which is a theme of the Emmaus course.
Another time the resurrected Jesus appeared to disciples is after they returned to their former occupation as fishermen. The risen Lord had fish cooking even before they had brought in their miraculous catch. God doesn’t need our sacrifices but he wants our heart, praise and thanks. No wonder our lives have momentum. We have new life with the Divine Mercy in the Spirit.
Today the culture of death: New Age, Gothic, abortion, euthanasia and same sex all lead to a stagnate society. In Ontario we face an election in which for me the choice is obvious to vote for my fellow BCMF guy, Neil Ford and the Family Coalition Party. If we are going to have the momentum to return to a culture of life we are not going to be able to partner with a liberal agenda but an evangelical conservatism.

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