Sunday, 22 September 2013

notes from my Journal

bits collected from: St. Norbert Day ’13, June 6th, Holiday Inn, Montreal;

a litany of our very human Hope

Jesus my Heart

Body of promise

Blood Whom art my rescue

Soul my sanity

Divinity of peace

Abba our transport

Father of inspiration

Dad of wonder

Origin of grace

Spirit so grand

Holy One comfort

Ghost giver of wisdom

Triune by our side

Magnificent healer

Demons out caster

Most generous friend

Constant companion

Dearest delight

Fairest judge

Here ‘till the end

cont. on Sacred Heart Day ’13, June 7th on the pilgrimage

Banquet secured

Rock solid

Mystery known

and 1st Martyrs of Rome Day ’13, June 30th, University Residence, Corner Brook

Reassurance of victory

Sanctity of sleep

Companion of travellers

Wealth of the poor

Benefactor of needy

Dominion of security

Gracious friend

Benevolent authority

Reliable friend

Eternal grace

’13, Sept. 5th, back at home

Have mercy on us and bless us Amen,  

Bless us, be with us, stay with us Holy Lord, Holy Daddy, Holy Spirit, in fill us and illumine us this day we ask in the Holy Name of Jesus Amen.

Labour Day in honour of St. Joseph, provide ’13, Sept. 2nd

Master Spirit, Master Lord, Master Daddy, Triune God help me this day to not be too bogged down with its challenges to dwell on failures or be too elated with the success of the day to always return thanks to You for needed resources. It’s not a contest, test or trial but a gift from You, a present to be unwrapped and enjoyed. To be a part of Your life, death and resurrection, to be celebrated, in its living: with Holy Communion; it’s with happiness and thanksgiving Amen. Forgive us Triune God for when we’ve let You down, been found wanting, not lived up to our name, or returned you love. May we seek Your forgiveness each time we’ve lost, failed, or been ruled against today. But too, may we seek Your success, others gain and Confess when we seek our own profit. May we be free from Mortal sin and forgiving others, be forgiven, by partaking of the Blessed Sacrament, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost Amen. May we be proud of the name Catholic and live up to the name, to our Baptism, empowered by the gift of the Spirit received then and at Confirmation Amen. May I love my wife today, honour the priesthood and receive Last Rites should the need arise Amen.

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