Thursday, 24 December 2015

3 praise notes from last 3 Adoration hrs. in Chapel

Sing Ye Heavens - Angelic
Voices proclaim God has
visited his People; Praise His Holy
Name, God is with us, his Glory
profess. Confess Him Lord of our
life. He is always the same: Saves
us in weakness, Speaks to our
distress, Offer Him fame. He's
given us peace. Rules from
Heaven, the manger, the cross,
Ruler of all, guide of the lost.
Find us salvation. We come to
do Your will. Strengthen
our Doors; Your mercy
renew. Give to the King all
that is due. Tribute, everything,
holiness render. Our best,
our hearts, our thinking is
our Triune's!
Great God of Peace Lord from a
stable of Bethlehem: On a
night so peaceful and calm;
In the still of my heart clean
from it all the noise the World
has. Make a place worthy of
so noble a birth. Create new
life in the void of my earthly
craving. Thanks be to Jesus
for such a wonderful gift.
Thank You Father for
sending Your only begotten
Son. In thankful praise to the
Spirit that proceeds from Them
both may we tenderly worship
so awesome a Triune and
take onward thanksgiving and joy.
Once upon a tree on Calvary
Hung a man of lowly birth
Hailed King of the Jews
But really King of the Earth
Right from his humble beginnings
Kings from the East worshipped him.
He was the King of Heaven come down.
A King Herod with terror drove
The holy family from that town
To Egypt, where God called this King;
The King Herod II dismissed our King
For the fate of Easter morn:
Rose from the dead, forgave
Our sin, ascended back above,
King Immanuel conquered evil!
King for eternity is to return
To take the flock from death
To life ever more. Shepherds too
Worshipped their King born. Angels sang
Peace on Earth, God will - the score.

Monday, 2 November 2015

The Fire

You are a strange God
but like a close friend!
You are a fearful God
however merciful as a true love.
You consume all foreign desire
or seek us out, estranged away.
You spark us, Whom we've sought
and reignite the passion for you.
The manifold idols sacrifice given;
all Baal prophet's could not put to flame.
We are Elias, who feel the warmth
in Your still small voice shining through.
Like a forest fire takes all in the wake,
no obstacle stands, people are swept up
now, the heat is intense, people feel it.
The love of God cares for me.
Grant us pardon and peace in the stillness,
in the calm sweet Communion brings.
You are here as a faithful furnace
To drive far from us the Fall chill.
As God Who renews the tired bones.
The other gods: hollow hope of phonies.

Monday, 5 October 2015

New day, new week, early Oct.

Daytime Prayer

At the start of a new day, as I was during my beginnings, Lord, don’t let thoughts of my own grandeur ruin the love you have for me, the love you have for all humanity, dear Jesus.

As the day goes to a zenith, oh Christ, like mine had a day, don’t allow my indifference to dampen my love for you, or the passion you wish me to have for souls.

When evening comes to earth, which is where I am right now in life, don’t permit me to rest on my laurels, but give glory and praise, honour and worship, to you, with God, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

So when nighttime returns, when too, I must fade, and one day decay, we will have oscillated round you, our light, without a diminished life, with a share in you brilliance and blaze, your glowing warmth.
At the peak of our zeal, and during the low moments of life, make us burn with care for others, as you care for us. May we, O Triune God, lift up our prayer, not loves’ opposite, but, cherish our Communion. Amen.

Monday, 21 September 2015

I love to tell the story; the rest of the story.

I love to tell the rest of the story!
Paul Harvey and Paul Harvey jr. have the knack of telling the rest of the story. In the song are the words I love to tell the story. When I was a boy I learned the story of Jesus, who is God and man, died for my sins 2000 yrs. ago, but forgave me, rose again from the dead or loves me enough to do all this for me as my friend. I was a WASP and belligerent. But I tried to live as a Christian Free Methodist. They are a strict Evangelical church which was nicknamed Holy Rollers. I had an issue with self-love, started smoking, drinking and having other addictive behaviour. I became an agnostic and had psychiatric issues too. I tried to seek the Father again but made slow progress. I was still a hypocrite by the time I was 50. But the story does not end there.
Through the Roman Catholic Faith I discovered our attempts to seek the Holy Spirit is nothing compared to how we are sought by God. I was Baptised into new life, really born again, Confirmed and sealed with the Holy Spirit. The Father welcomed the prodigal son home. It was not the day I was born again that made the difference but frequently availing the Sacrament of Conversion does. Christ’s body was not just symbolised by bread at communion but Jesus: Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity is present in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. It was no longer just me and Jesus for it but Christ and us in union with the Church. The history we were taught was not the truth I know now. King Henry VIII was not fit to be head of the church, the Pope is. Calvin was not justified, St. John of the Cross was. Martin Luther didn’t improve the church, St. Teresa of Avila did. The Wesleys were not heroes of the faith, St. Alphonsus Liguori and St. Junipero Serra are. My spiritual heritage did not come from Bs. Fairburn and Bs. Roberts but comes from St. John Henry Newman and St. Therese di Lisieux.
               I’m afraid my Protestant brothers and sisters don’t know the rest of the story. We both love to tell the story, but I love to tell the rest of the story.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Sept. '15, 6th

To Be Perfectly Politically Correct
   People are paranoid about sin: it is common: all do it, except Jesus and Mary, even Joseph, though we don't know what, did it at some point of his life. Its commonality in no way makes it attractive however, that is one of its lures. People that are hooked or just now attracted to the bait here leave the ideas of the phobic behind. Christ did not condemn the sinner is the message we want you to hear then. There is forgiveness and Conversion - our only reaction to sin need be our rejection of it.  All fear and hate is gone. Once you are convinced it is wrong, remember you did it, forget about it, forgive people, forgive. Our Lord saves. He wants us to catch sinners too. Love is His net. I am caught so I am free from sin. Salvation comes from Him. We need not be afraid. That our Maker and our Judge has no memory of our sin - those people who dwell on it are wrong. " so have no fear of them; for nothing is covered up ... fear him who can destroy both soul and body. Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? ... but whoever denies me before others, I will also deny before my Father in heaven. " Matt. 10:26-33 - the words of the Master NRSV

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Vector from Hector

You don't want to wake-up
In a sink hole
Where you thought you were
Driving you aren't going
The Devil had other plans
Where were you coming from
Just now the Lord has
Better plans for you
God lifts you from miry clay
The Son is a solid rock
If you build on shifty sand
The Spirit's reno saves your house
All we have we'll flip for a home
In paradise one day
Are you headed for the pits
Or join us with God's grace
Sure founded in the direct Way
Abba not to way lay us

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

On St. Junipero's Day; my trip diary: California via Toronto

My Story about our California Sojourn

                With the help and company of my daughter, Bethany, we waited at Toronto Pearson Airport for our flight to LAX. We had packed and repacked, updated our passports and rechecked for them, checked in and gone through security; I almost missed my bus from Belleville which my wife took me to May ’15, Mon., Victoria Day in Canada: I had bought a ticket for the wrong day. As the bus left the terminal downtown I realized I had forgot my jacket and Joyce had already gone. When I got to where Tim Horton was supposed to be to rendezvous with Bethany it was under construction, I’d have to call home or her to make another arrangement, but I was prepared for further complications. Our flight with American had been rescheduled several times in the months of preparations by WestJet through which our booking was through but we arrived to meet my cousin John at the airport on time and it was late when we arrived at their place in Agoura Hills. Back in their van in the morning: John, Rosario, Adrienne, Jamal, Bethany and myself headed for Disneyland.
We saw many more sights on the way: the Hollywood Sign, the dry vegetation, and the Cathedral of LA were what I recall now. Through the continued generosity of my cousin we parked and went to the original Disney theme park which was celebrating 60 years this year. First we all ate in the French Quarter to the tune of Dixie Land band live. Then the kids left the seniors to seek the fast pass to rides. We took the Jungle Cruise, the Pirates, and the Paddle Wheel before we stopped for a comedy act at the Golden Horseshoe and ice cream sundays. I stayed for the next show to recover from jetlag. John and Rosario went to It’s a Small World ride. Then we three took the train around the park. We met with the kids at the stores on the way out early closing. I got a jacket/souvenir. On the way home we stopped at In’n’out burger restaurant.
Next morning Buttons, the cat, got me up again. I’m an early riser and John dropped me at St. Jude’s for Mass. The homily was on Church unity. On the way back we made one of many stops at Shell for gas. That day John, Rosario, Bethany and myself had seafood lunch in Malibu’s Sunset restaurant. I waded in the water on Zuma Beach there. We had the best ice cream after that. Next beach was Santa Monica, with its boardwalk, amusement park, tamales, and State of California flip-flops souvenir for Joyce. Lastly we walked by muscle beach along Ocean Front in Venice. There we saw panhandlers and transient vendors. Someone played a baby grande. There was a Dr. for medical marijuana prescriptions. That night back at John’s we watched DWTS and AFV.
 On day four, we four headed to Solvang for a Bit’o’Denmark smorgasbord. It was late that night when we checked into our Holiday Inn. We walked to the Fisherman’s Grotto where we had a view of the Golden Gate bridge in fog but a somewhat disappointing seafood dinner. Stop blaming the chef; the food got cold as our party waited grace for me: gone to the washroom to freshen up when the food arrived. Our Danish pastry we brought with us to have in our rooms that night made up for that meal anyway. In the morning I sent a post card of the foggy site to Joyce and we left for our day in San Francisco.
We started site seeing at the tower at the point. Then we parked on the S shaped street called Lombard to take pictures of it after we drove down it. Next we saw a statue of the Lone Sailor at Golden Gate Lookout where were huge teddy bears displayed in an old convertible. In the clouds we drove over the bridge and on red rock mountain. There were plenty of wildflowers and we stopped at an old fort lookout. On our scenic tour we saw Alcatraz from across the bay and had gourmet lunch at the memorial Sutro Baths Cliffhouse. In Golden Gate Park we saw the Celtic prayer cross at the waterfall. The trees were much bigger than in the south but not as twisted either: some California oak but more evergreens. We drove around Haight Ashbury, China town and Nob Hill with one street on a 45 degree incline. We went back to the hotel before proceeding on foot past the Powell and Hyde cable cars to Ghiradelli Chocolates store. I had a pizza by the slice on the way back to our room. That night we went to Club Fugazi to see Beach Blanket Babylon and ate at Cioppinos, the best show and dinner I could imagine.
Next morning I headed on my own to look for a McDonald’s. I could not find it, despite asking several of the passerby for directions. It was a nice walk and I elected to try a Jack-in-the-Box and was not disappointed then. After John checked us out we all stopped for a brunch at Schooner’s restaurant by a ritzy Gables hotel in Monteray. We proceeded on highway #1 down the Pacific Coast Cove, through Pebble Beach golf resort, by Restless Sea, and it was. On Pt. Joe we saw cormorants. We came to 10 mile house, Junipera Sera Carmel Mission and today, as I compile these notes, I remember it is St. Junipera’s  Feast Day. As we continued south we saw: Spanish moss, cala lilies, Pt. Lobos bluff, Carmel Mts., Bixby Bridge, wild cala lilies, turquoise eddys, Pt. Sur, Andrew Molera State Park, redwood forest, Big Sur campground, trails, canyon, burns, sea oats, Linekiln National Park, Los Padres, elephant seals, para surfing, Hearst Castle, kite boarding, San Simeon State Park, Cayucos State Park and finally came to Santa Barbara Harbour Restaurant.
Rosario took me to Pentacost Sunday Mass and Fr. Jim gave a homily on “unwrap the gift of the Holy Spirit”. I was gulled on Paradise Cove but thanks to Jules baby wipe Virginia could clean me up before our farewell family meal for seven of us at the Café on the beach complete with valet parking for our vehicle anyway. We really enjoyed the time at the Nussey’s; that day we toured their neighbourhoods, had Baskin Robins and I did a personal retreat with a book about St. Therese of Liseux over my holiday. I appreciated the laundry services there and had more when I got to Phil’s.
My holiday wasn’t over. My daughter and I flew home on Memorial Day in the States after Homeboy restaurant on another 737. I got Subway to go and we took the rocket to the subway. There I said good bye to Bethany and proceeded on TTC to where I got a Three Musketeers and Phil picked me. We went to a Harvey’s that night too. I watched a bit of AFV and WN in my room.
Next morning I went for a stroll. We had brunch near where they are moving, went to the Fairview Mall, I went to a TD, and we had McDonald’s iced coffees. We took Peter’s empties for deposit and made a trip with things Phil was donating, to Value Village, to facilitate their move. We brought home KFC for Wen Chen and their exchange student boarders and went to the Goose and Firkin pub for supper with Rob.
The morning of my last day in Toronto I went to Mass at St. Peter’s on TTC. I went to Il Gatto Nero café , saw Bethany at work in the Metro bakery, and went to Tim’s before returning, this time taking a street car too. Shadbolt’s wanted me to try the Jerusalem Buffet. In the afternoon we took another load to Value Village. We went to Tim’s, Broughton’s religious goods store and Montana’s for supper.
I went for another walk and Tim’s On the Run, in the morning of my day of trains home. I ate at the McDonald’s at Union Station and Joyce met me at Belleville station where I had the third and final luggage claim to make. Back home my packing and unpacking was at last done for now.
              I was glad the trip to Ottawa that weekend was cancelled, although I can’t seem to get enough cousin get togethers. I look forward to seeing the California cousins, Nussey cousins, 5th Ave. friends of Toronto, and Bethany again someday soon. There were some e-mail and facebook pictures but the memory card from John’s camera has still to be unrolled. While this is surely the longest blog, it was a trip of a lifetime for me!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

saved from months ago

Personal Brief History of Romance
            I once thought love: was putting family first; then being friends. But things get in the way. I once thought love was to have a special girl however this was a thing too and other things were in the way. I had known the love of the Lord – Lord, why do we let things rule the day. Is brotherhood love or a special friend love immune from drama or other things? It has not appeared so. I love cherish, it is true or worse shame when things ruin that too. To run a household, face a personal challenge or embrace a universal cause does romance the soul. Failure and success are the things which frustrate the love of life. To study, learn and self-educate do not lend to humble make the body who would avoid self-love. Self-mastery, self-denial and self-mortification without love are only a step above. The Master came to share the Good News, repent all things which impede the Love of God and neighbours with all the heart, soul and strength. Then the Master suffered and died because mankind gets it wrong but hallelujah Jesus rose again. Christ lives to set all people free from things to love again which is the only true romance. Forgive and forget the past is the way to God. The truth is there is only one Lord; three persons: Father, Son of God and their Holy Spirit. The love of the Pascal Sacrifice, the Bride, the Church, the Mother down through ages; my life is Light. It is this Enlightenment this history of salvation for all persons not to burden us with science, medicine, technology and physical fitness that gives life the sparkle of romance. Mediate on the Passion of Christ, God became Man, the Love of the Father, to suffer, be crucified, died and be buried this is the obsession of vitality. Under the compulsion of the Spirit contemplate a new life to act upon the impulse to give of oneself not to profit me but to love is the future. Now to spend time in Adoration of the Eucharist exposed is the thing that can’t be beat. We still need to study the Word and do works of mercy. The Master healed the sick, cared for the poor and forgave sinners. The life of the Church, the Sacraments, our family is the joy of life, the love of neighbour as oneself. Faith with works is the love of life more blessed to give than to receive. And to share the Faith, keep the Faith, cherish the Hope and the history of love unfolds.

Friday, 3 April 2015

For Easter

The Queen of Heaven
We should rejoice Hallelujah
And sing oh queen of angels
Sing with the angels in heaven
God made flesh has come
Comes to dwell in us Hosanna
He is not dead Hallelujah
As He said he would not be
God hears our prayers
You and me Alleluia
Rejoice again he said it
Rejoice Hallelujah
And so O Virgin O Mary
You fill us with gladness
Pray our risen Lord
The Truth the Risen Lord
Better your prayers
Best our resurrection song
Alleluia Hallelujah Hosanna
On High
Let us offer to Him our hymn
Of joy God offered His Son
Our Lord Jesus Christ
Death could not keep Him
Alleluia Death does not reign
Our Mother you reign
With Him in Heaven
Peace and joy Alleluia
He is our eternal salvation
Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Amen

Monday, 16 February 2015

A fortnight in the aftermath of Canada's Supreme Court decision to strike down laws against Dr. assisted suicide

God is my helper
I don't need any to assist my suicide
God is my strength
I don't need to be a suicide bomber
God's grace is sufficient
I have a purpose
God is great
We don't need mercy killing
God is love
We don't want honour killing, crimes of passion or capital punishment
God is my maker
We can't use abortions
God saw that Creation was good
We may not judge who's guilty
God is fair, full of mercy and forgiving
We must welcome those who disagree
God is kind
We must go the 2nd mile
God is good
All the time
God made me in God's own image
We must try to look like God

Friday, 16 January 2015

Love, the Church, and the Whole Truth

Guys don't have that much to say
Vive la difference in France they say
Cherchez la femme is not harassment
Females talk and talk away
Think they have been stalked today
Both sex need to rid themselves of resentment

St. John Baptist spoke up and told the crowd
La route firme for He Who is greater
La Hounde de la Heave chastised the crowd
'Till whole towns said none is greater
So if you think you fear a fanatic
Realize Reconciliation Forgiveness fantastic

The Converted Confirmed buzz of Baptised
Is a different greater new life
So if we want you born again from strife
Our Communion is so good be enticed
You only need fear God is so good
Single, married, religious, Healed, a priesthood 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

In the wee hours this morning.

Has It Dawned on Us?

Shooting and killing drugs or violence?
Why are you enamored our sons and daughters?
Are you enraptured in love or lust?
So much beyond and before wedlock?
Too much more no family at all?
Who cares for the baby born or unborn?
The child become an old man still nobody cares?
The girl now is an old woman raped?
Feel her pain so euthanize them?
Mortgage for you new home?
Or rent a luxury condo?
Nickels for those who have no place?
And dimes for them whom live at home?
Food piled on our plates in the garbage?
Garbage in our food our networks?
Our technology stinks our laps?
Topped our children forlorn?
Is it the American way?
Is it not like Palestine long long ago
Or like the time of Abram and Lot
Or earlier still as the days of Noah
Fire and sword destroyed Bethlehem and Pompeii
Costal floods like tidings and surprise
Attacks as news your world is gone
The Lord was born Prince of Peace
Rather we've bought the Prince of lies
This prince of the air says fly with me
Or fly me no need to change
Sure those troubles not your fault
No problem make it on your own
The Lord says drather be blessed with my Spirit
It says druther you were born again
Not live as mere flesh and blood
But have a New Life be Baptized
With water and the Spirit live again
Awaken to the Light of these matters
Poverty of spirit is the Way
The truth is the Church was
Never the prime source of evil
Areligious unreligious are
Those who accept the Christ as Truth
Do not disappoint at the rate
They outside a church do
The promises of satan are not true
True is the love of my God for me
I eagerly await the dawn of a day
Each day with grace every one free
Another day sweet Communion and mercy
The dawning of peace in my world in my time
A truth a reality a possibility a potential
Everybody sees and in everyone
This is the true spirit of America
True freedom in Canada Conversion in Mexico
Our Lady of Guadalupe was clothed with the sun
The moon at her feet treads on the serpent
Of lies that the dawn will never come
Our native land a Reconciled home!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

from a week ago

Word Play with Signs
New years day
Mother of May
Child of God
On barren sod
Proclaim a fast
Winter will last
February family
Listen to the homily
Afraid of your shadow
Anyway plough the furrow
Pray for rain
Ice storm again
Heat in June
Coming soon
Stage near you
All do
In sky
Bye by

   Oh, O Great God, You have made a wonderful world of emotions for us and sometimes it seems like a labyrinth to navigate. May they not rule over me but my spirit rules over it: Your spirit rules over mine. Heart of Jesus: from You comes the physical Universe; our physical health. It is as a maze to get help through the Canadian health and welfare system. May we not be lost in spirit but healed and well. Father of all mind-space - from the depth of my being I ask that my mental health soar to heights, within Your control too. may Your Spirit reign my spirit, my spiritual health. Amen. Resolved before dawn Jan.'15,1st.