Tuesday, 13 February 2018

I Want to Have Fun, Fun, Fun!

Let the rafters be rung, rung, rung!
But Lent means Spring, spring, spring!
into giving, giving, giving;!
devote living, living, living!
And winter is bleak, bleak, bleak!
I need a break, break, break!
Or what does it mean I desire
not sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice?!
Make my heart contrite!
I will do Penance, penance, Penance.
I offer thanks, thanks, thanks!
From steeples ringing, ringing, ringing:!
Thanksgiving, thanksgiving, thanksgiving!
Christ, paid the price, price, price!
So I sing thrice, thrice, thrice!
a fast is nice, nice, nice!
Thaws the ice, ice, ice!!!

Monday, 20 November 2017

from yesterday

Love and Devotion
bigger than an ocean
You had for me may I have some for Thee.

Mary chose the better part
The poor are close to Your Heart
Who is unborn in me
might I conceive in dignity,
could they so live their life long
should I live to sing this song.

One wants to end poverty.
One wants to stop ending life.
Another wants to kill liberty.
Who with me needs to end strife?
Can I do my part everyday,

show I care for all in all?
Follow Christ the only Way
to the Creator; no gall.
Love and devotion, wider than the sea:
send Your Spirit Lord on humanity!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

from the seventies

November Snowfall

The birds in the forest

See the trees

And the forest.

This is more than a man!

An early snowfall,

Silently in the night,

Carpets the wood, clean and white.

The woodpecker calls,


Wake up sleepy forest.

The bears say, “We want sleep.”

The squirrels say, “We have stored for winter.”

In the city
Everything is confusion.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Wheel of Fortune's Inspiring

Rolling, roaring, in the Lord there's recovery
Sailing, saving, for the Christ they're searching
Teaming, teaching, with our Jesus we're telling

Learning, leaning, on the Spirit; Its leading
Knowing, needing, of the Ghost: Wisdom's new
Earning, everlasting, Holy Spirit You're extreme

Praying, planning, from Father, He's paid
Giving, granting, through God; Him great
Adoring, admiring, with Abba His amore

Delivering, developing, the Godhead, They've depth
Vivifying, vitalizing, Three-In-One: Love vrooms
Baptizing, branching out Triune, Love's brand

Catholic freedom having in more of quiet understanding what X's your zeal.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

What I'm asking for this year

When the whole Earth is at peace
It is Christmas all over the world
The war between angels and demons cease
Christ's banner of peace is unfurled

The kid will not fear the tigress
The biosphere will be in harmony
No illness nor pain to regress
Not a soul will need alimony

An end to death and sorrow Satan's curse
Them dry bones will take on flesh
Not a day with an empty purse
The planets resources are shared wealth

Jesus walks again with humans
And equity is among all nations
Love today originate from a man
Obedience fiat come from woman

Thursday, 2 November 2017


Lord we need a strong Deliverer
There is so much hatred and there's greed
Like Moses freed the slaves from the oppressors
Wont You come Lord come and meet our need

Lord we need a mighty Saviour
It is so hard for us hard to love
Jesus of Galilee You were the Stranger
You came as a babe the difficult to save

Some say the Messiah is coming
Some say the Prophet already came
Some say our profits are declining
Some say no enjoy the boom
Abuse and violence are spreading
Crisis and disasters do loom

But You Christ are Friend to sinners
You come to us to make Your home
We are lost if not You're returning
Because we roam You were born in Bethlehem

Sunday, 17 September 2017

from The Triumph of the Cross' Thursday

Where have all the passionate people gone
We've gone to grind our own axe
Why do all the colours fade
The devils we take our due tax
When were our Confessions going to last
Our Confessors are shamed to death
Who are the Saints of today
We no longer need the slaves of Japheth
What are you doing to deserve the good life
Cruising down the avenue
Way of the Cross lead us to home
Heart of Jesus shed Light on Life new
Why not lead new life from today on
Now has come to us Salvation
Here is any to hear and understand
It is by the Cross we have redemption