Friday, 8 June 2018

from this week, one from the Chapel, one from home

Corpus Christi
   Ancient symbols, wondrous signs, new horizon's, the past's left behind.
We ascend on high, nothing left below, Fish and Pax, the Bread of Show.
Now our Glory, no regrets, health and strength, He forgets.
Come to the Altar, the world wide Church of God;
Join in Communion, give thanks at the front.
No Way to be closer in relationship to Him,
His Feast is Worship, all Praise to Him.
We are saved, sanctified, Blood washed, Bread of Angels consumed.
Sinners saved by grace His sacrifice given, hunger no more, this surety of Heaven.
Jesus, no other Name, we partake of You, the Real Presence, Body, the Soul, You!
Sacred Heart
   O Sacred Heart Love Divine
We partake of You at Mass each time
Lile a husband loves his beloved bride
As the Father's love for His Only Son
Your Spirit's Love fills each and everyone
May we have that love for one and all
You our brother man's brotherhood fill
When Children of Eve's lance pierced Your Heart
And that Love every sin forgave
That love we need to rise up again
So we need to see You in Confession
As tell our brother Father our sin
And beg God's pardon, Penance and Absolution
The slate's wiped clean we begin again
With hearts clean in Your Sacred Heart
As parents love their special child
The Father loves us created in Him
Like a Mother gathers he brood

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Trinity Sunday

Trust in the Saviour
The Beautiful Redeemer
Love our Deliverer
My Jesus, my Lord

The Spirit sets my life on true
It's the master of all of us
Our Consoler none other do
Holy Fire from above

Father in majesty
Giver of all destiny
Source of love and mercy
Fair Judge of us who live

Triune with splendor
Showing perfect Unity
Son, Spirit and Father
Teach us to love

from Tue., 16th May '18, Chapel

Monday, 9 April 2018


I am not God.
It is taking a long time for us to learn this.
God is in power. Not the conservatives, not the liberals, non other god is in power.
There is a difference, the Lord of Life has taught us, between mercifully helping others and trying to control.
But God is in control.
God has placed others in positions of control over us.
The Lord is coming again for me.
He expects me to serve others as He has done.

Through His power I yield to Him.
I yield to His control.
In Him and with Him I am in control.
I have peace with Him.
The Lord of Life I see.
Living in poverty, serving humanity, giving us all a second chance, giving us His Life, Baptism, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity; but coming again for us.
All control will cease on day.
We wont need the Sun in Heaven. There is only one Power, the Son.
See Jesus in the clouds. Right now He is waiting for us.
Waiting for us to be under control.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

The True

Your Word everlasting
Us to heaven avasting
Returning to You not void
Piercing marrow and joint

A Light on our pathway
A treasure in our hearts say
Use in teaching instruction
Feasting on You luncheon

Stay close by my good side
On my lips and my inside
Wash way all my badness
You fill me with gladness
In You we confide
Good counselor new good rush tide

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

I Want to Have Fun, Fun, Fun!

Let the rafters be rung, rung, rung!
But Lent means Spring, spring, spring!
into giving, giving, giving;!
devote living, living, living!
And winter is bleak, bleak, bleak!
I need a break, break, break!
Or what does it mean I desire
not sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice?!
Make my heart contrite!
I will do Penance, penance, Penance.
I offer thanks, thanks, thanks!
From steeples ringing, ringing, ringing:!
Thanksgiving, thanksgiving, thanksgiving!
Christ, paid the price, price, price!
So I sing thrice, thrice, thrice!
a fast is nice, nice, nice!
Thaws the ice, ice, ice!!!

Monday, 20 November 2017

from yesterday

Love and Devotion
bigger than an ocean
You had for me may I have some for Thee.

Mary chose the better part
The poor are close to Your Heart
Who is unborn in me
might I conceive in dignity,
could they so live their life long
should I live to sing this song.

One wants to end poverty.
One wants to stop ending life.
Another wants to kill liberty.
Who with me needs to end strife?
Can I do my part everyday,

show I care for all in all?
Follow Christ the only Way
to the Creator; no gall.
Love and devotion, wider than the sea:
send Your Spirit Lord on humanity!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

from the seventies

November Snowfall

The birds in the forest

See the trees

And the forest.

This is more than a man!

An early snowfall,

Silently in the night,

Carpets the wood, clean and white.

The woodpecker calls,


Wake up sleepy forest.

The bears say, “We want sleep.”

The squirrels say, “We have stored for winter.”

In the city
Everything is confusion.