Thursday, 13 February 2014

A poetic explanation of the plan of salvation

A New Tune

The prowess of the Lord of Hosts

Is truly amazing girl

His strong long right arm upholds

His mercy gentle as a curl


Sent from God the Father

Creator of our World

His One and only Prince of Peace

To mitigate our chaos which unfurled


The Holy Spirit of the two

The Father and the Son

Breathed forth our created universe

The battle the Triune over evil won


Abba Father has kept the flock

The Son sacrificed like a Lamb

Holy Spirit paraclete guide of Church

The all evil one in Hell to damn


For by the grace of God my friend

We can get it right

Jesus can set it straight

Forgiven with Love this very night


Our foolish pride own worst enemy

The story while ages run

In Conversion turns to joy

And life forever a song fun


So thank the Father with me

Praise Christ with His Sacrament

And let the Holy Ghost rein in your life

Gain that of a Saint saintly temperament


For though we had a mess below

A new world is coming

Our perfect Mother St. Joseph her chaste spouse

With the Master meets us at homecoming


We’ll have more words for the Stranger of Galilee

We’ll never stop whistling humming singing

The key is to start off today here
Now our live’s offerings proud to be bringing

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