Sunday, 4 May 2014

A Poem for Our Mother’s

You woke early to get breakfast

For me and my Dad

My Mother dear who

Cared for others so much


You went that morn with myrrh

To Lord for our God

Our Mother dear who

Hoped to anoint found the Angel


You go for protest this week

How your People and ancestors

Honorable hostess dear who

Suffer the Maoist regimes


You called down by the child

For company and our shows

My granny dear who

Put tyrant’s toys away and Mom appeased


You off to work the crack of dawn

For this guy and the student

Mother of my child dearest who

Brought home the bacon and Our Daily Bread


You first prayed the Psalms

For us, family and friend

Other Grandma dear who

Passed on when we were a small one


You prayed over Jerusalem

All who face a storm or scatter

As a mother hen gathers her chicks

Under her wings, Wisdom Holy Spirit


We join your church Sunday AM

Your daughter and I go

Not just to endure these tirades

But to bring back the grandchild mother-in-law


We attend your Church Our Mother

Bride of Christ whom was first

Mary and e’en the second Sunday of May

Think like of us men like mothers

The end

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