Friday, 10 October 2014

Thanksgiving Suite: words with guitar chords; soon pending full piano score here!

Thanksgiving Suite

I Hallowe’en

Bo9   C-                G               E-    A-

It has been held This Holy Eve That demons come

repeat chord sequence 8X

This is not what The Church has taught But it is told

We dress as Saints Heroes goblins And as witches

Ghouls go from door To door and say Trick or treat please

Some tricks weren’t nice Soap on windows Upset outhouse

Better shell out Apples kisses And popcorn balls

It’s the story Spooks roam tonight But it’s silly

Superstitions Haunted houses Jack-o-lanterns

Sleepy Hollow Legend before The All Saints Day

II All Saints Day

Refrain: C-              G7                C-                                                                                                  G7     Ab7                 G7             C-

                 We have triumphed And stand in awe With Holy God Look down and see Poor people who Need our prayers

     F          C-                        Ab7              G                           Co7    Ab7              F-    G-   Do7                       C-

1: I sang praise Psalms and still do If you ask King David to pray for you I’ll approach Adoni too

     C                G                             F       C                    G       F                  C

     I crushed the prophets of Baal And I come back to restore the Kingdom In St. John Elias soul ; Refrain

     Eb      G          D-                    C-                        Bo                 F         C-                   G       F               G                      C-

2: Peter one of twenty-four Elders around the throne of the Blest Lamb Lead Your worship inspire more

     Eb            G-                   D-            C-                          Bo        F    C-     G                                        C-

     Sing like St. Ephram did then Be pure as was St. Cecilia was St. Therese intercedes when ; Refrain

repeat chord sequence for 1 for;

3: St. Edith Stein’s sacrifice! St. Andre continue to heal masses St. John Paul the Great hear us

     Prophet’s Apostles Martyrs And all Saints we venerate on this day: Pray for us and hear our prayers ; the end of ii

III All Souls Day

     F    Bb      C     Eo        F                   C      Bb  F         G-                  Eo F     D-     C   F       Bb C F

1: Say a prayer for me please Just like she asked Danny boy to say Pray I awake if I sleeps

     Bb     C          G- F    Bb  F                        C              D- C  G-  G  C  F           C  F                  Bb C         F

2: Jesus comes again for me The dead in Christ in purgatory Raised before these on Earth see  

repeat chord sequence for 1 for;

3: In a twinkling we’ll be gone To be with those gone before to Heave Heaven and Earth pass along

repeat chord sequence for 2 for;

4: But not Lord’s Word to come back For none he promised to save from Hell Will perish we’ll no more lack

repeat chord sequence for 1 for;

5: Please ask me to pray for you And I’ll need your prayer to get me through As I’m purged clean of my dross

repeat chord sequence for 2 for;

6: And so on this All Souls Day Be sure to celebrate us all well See you again of the Way

IV Thanksgiving Day

Theme G       B-     C   A-  G           E-                 D  C  D   E-     B-   G                 C B- A- G      F#o G

a: Make this third of November The fourth in a row you celebrate With a Eucharist thankful

Var. 1 chord sequence similar for all variations

b: For as our North hemisphere Knows decay harvest home in Autumn This is the Fall to give thanks

Var. 2

c: God gives us all thankfulness For Hallowe’en All Saints and All Souls The Earth is in Thanksgiving

Var. 3

d: Like the Pilgrim’s meet Natives Offer others as Earth offers up All that is good and worthy

Theme chord sequence the same

e: This is trustworthy and true I’m thanking you you can thank me too As we give thanks together

Var. 4

f: Give thanks for what God has done Dad feeds us with Christ’s Body and Soul And saves us we’re born again

Var. 5

g: Baptise Holy Spirit thank Thank Confessor forgiven by Lord Thank Divine Mercy our God


h: Confirmed in Spirit and Truth Jesus come to me thanks God again All the Rites Papa Son Ghost

Var. 6

i: Father thank God for the Church Man thank God if you have had a spouse And thank God for our children


j: Thank God for the Sacraments Thank God for that of Healing Last Rite Thank God for the promised Heave


    G                  A-        F#o G       C                           G A-    D                    C      G     A- (F#o) G D   G

k: Thank God for the Sacrifice Christ the Great Amen in the name of Father Son and Holy Ghost

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