Sunday, 1 June 2014

A poem for pilgrims

The Ascension

Nothing could be a more glorious hope,

Than the report Jesus was seen leaving for heaven!

I believe my faithful mother is with Him;

Still prays for me. And His Mother hears my prayer.


Next Sunday we remember that Pentecost,

Mary was with the Apostles to receive God’s Spirit.

This Holy Spirit and the Christ intercede for us

To Father God, One Triune above.


He went away to prepare a place

For loved ones here below:

The Way to God, there for us now,

A surety, comfort, counsel and friend.


Fear my Maker come again? Judge – nope,

For I know God’s forgiveness,

And we live that Life in the Light

Of this Love, to share, with others.


In that Truth we see glory.

The Master is King of all and me.

He, who always was, reigns:
Whom, lives throughout eternity.

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