Sunday, 29 June 2014

Born again from a Catholic perspective.

from St. John Baptist's nativity '14
It May Not Be
It may not be it happens overnight
There may not be a day or date
Before which you say I wasn't
But that was the date I was born again
You might not get struck by lightning
The Triune wants you head over heals
And heaven will still celebrate your new Life
Most people don't remember their Baptism
But remember their first Communion
And probably remember your first Sacrament of Reconciliation
Every time you're Reconciled to the Lord
Brings you closer too Last Rites do
Only then are you prepared to join
A heavenly band and if you kept Faith
You can't get closer to God than by
Daily taking the Eucharist being faithful
To Marital vows or Holy Orders
Is an everyday growth experience
You remember an Ordination or wedding sure
And your Confirmation I'd hope
But I'd hope the Spirit movers you each day
To do the Father's will like the Son said
Mine it may not be
Make me more like Jesus
Everyday I ask of Thee
More willing to serve others
Less likely to think of me
I can't change without you
Its with my turtle not lightning speed
That we carry on towards heaven
Grace upon grace deed upon deed
And He'll walk with us until the race is won
When we meet the Master then the journeys done
Most steps are small steps
The big one is the step up Home
Like a well within you that never runs dry
Christ's Spirit wells up and renews us
A refreshed new life ready for on high
No more sadness up there
No time to list no regrets
We accepted Jesus down here
And Christ turned us inside out
How we took Him in our heart
Mysterious love rhyme and reason
To become more like His Most Sacred Heart

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