Sunday, 13 April 2014

From the Old Covenant to the New and God cares.

A Brief History of Mercy


He’s the God of the many

Outside His love there’s not any

Now not just Jew’s find God

But all who tread this barren sod


Before that Eve and Adam fell

From grace in Eden all went well

Now all God’s sons and daughters

The time of Noah go astray

We are all the slaves of sin

Sold like the fourth in line Joseph

Christ like Moses set us free

Not with the Law but Jesus blood


David King of an Empire

Forgiven promised Son to rule

We’ve come back from Babylon

We’ve the temple of the Spirit


Here Roman Cath’lics believe

In the Chalice and Host we’re free

Present in lives Lord of dance

We adore Him in the Monstrance


From age of Peter and Paul

As Saul’s persecution give’s strife

One’s still reject my Lord of Life

Helpeth me overcome my grief



It is the Lord Who cares


If I falter stumble and fall

It is the Lord Who cares

If I betray like Adam, David or Judas

It is You Jesus that really cares


Against You my God alone I’ve sinned

So it is You just the Christ reels me in

The Church Your Body offers Reconciliation for sin

Lead me home Holy Spirit through Confession in


Into the Master’s caring embrace stretched out for me

What could more show You care the Way to Calvary

King of kings You have seen my trouble hung upon the tree

It is Your care for my every woe sets me free


When my heartache and sin problems and trials seem tall

It is the cross inspires You bore there cares

We seem behind the eight ball only sink the white instead

By Your Spirit Almighty Saviour I know the Father cares


Called Consoler of poor Guide of this hapless man

When seems no hope in reason not the World that cares

It is not my brother or sister to have done what we can

But You o Precious Healer Who gently cares

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