Monday, 5 October 2015

New day, new week, early Oct.

Daytime Prayer

At the start of a new day, as I was during my beginnings, Lord, don’t let thoughts of my own grandeur ruin the love you have for me, the love you have for all humanity, dear Jesus.

As the day goes to a zenith, oh Christ, like mine had a day, don’t allow my indifference to dampen my love for you, or the passion you wish me to have for souls.

When evening comes to earth, which is where I am right now in life, don’t permit me to rest on my laurels, but give glory and praise, honour and worship, to you, with God, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

So when nighttime returns, when too, I must fade, and one day decay, we will have oscillated round you, our light, without a diminished life, with a share in you brilliance and blaze, your glowing warmth.
At the peak of our zeal, and during the low moments of life, make us burn with care for others, as you care for us. May we, O Triune God, lift up our prayer, not loves’ opposite, but, cherish our Communion. Amen.

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