Thursday, 8 January 2015

from a week ago

Word Play with Signs
New years day
Mother of May
Child of God
On barren sod
Proclaim a fast
Winter will last
February family
Listen to the homily
Afraid of your shadow
Anyway plough the furrow
Pray for rain
Ice storm again
Heat in June
Coming soon
Stage near you
All do
In sky
Bye by

   Oh, O Great God, You have made a wonderful world of emotions for us and sometimes it seems like a labyrinth to navigate. May they not rule over me but my spirit rules over it: Your spirit rules over mine. Heart of Jesus: from You comes the physical Universe; our physical health. It is as a maze to get help through the Canadian health and welfare system. May we not be lost in spirit but healed and well. Father of all mind-space - from the depth of my being I ask that my mental health soar to heights, within Your control too. may Your Spirit reign my spirit, my spiritual health. Amen. Resolved before dawn Jan.'15,1st.

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