Sunday, 3 May 2015

saved from months ago

Personal Brief History of Romance
            I once thought love: was putting family first; then being friends. But things get in the way. I once thought love was to have a special girl however this was a thing too and other things were in the way. I had known the love of the Lord – Lord, why do we let things rule the day. Is brotherhood love or a special friend love immune from drama or other things? It has not appeared so. I love cherish, it is true or worse shame when things ruin that too. To run a household, face a personal challenge or embrace a universal cause does romance the soul. Failure and success are the things which frustrate the love of life. To study, learn and self-educate do not lend to humble make the body who would avoid self-love. Self-mastery, self-denial and self-mortification without love are only a step above. The Master came to share the Good News, repent all things which impede the Love of God and neighbours with all the heart, soul and strength. Then the Master suffered and died because mankind gets it wrong but hallelujah Jesus rose again. Christ lives to set all people free from things to love again which is the only true romance. Forgive and forget the past is the way to God. The truth is there is only one Lord; three persons: Father, Son of God and their Holy Spirit. The love of the Pascal Sacrifice, the Bride, the Church, the Mother down through ages; my life is Light. It is this Enlightenment this history of salvation for all persons not to burden us with science, medicine, technology and physical fitness that gives life the sparkle of romance. Mediate on the Passion of Christ, God became Man, the Love of the Father, to suffer, be crucified, died and be buried this is the obsession of vitality. Under the compulsion of the Spirit contemplate a new life to act upon the impulse to give of oneself not to profit me but to love is the future. Now to spend time in Adoration of the Eucharist exposed is the thing that can’t be beat. We still need to study the Word and do works of mercy. The Master healed the sick, cared for the poor and forgave sinners. The life of the Church, the Sacraments, our family is the joy of life, the love of neighbour as oneself. Faith with works is the love of life more blessed to give than to receive. And to share the Faith, keep the Faith, cherish the Hope and the history of love unfolds.

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