Friday, 16 January 2015

Love, the Church, and the Whole Truth

Guys don't have that much to say
Vive la difference in France they say
Cherchez la femme is not harassment
Females talk and talk away
Think they have been stalked today
Both sex need to rid themselves of resentment

St. John Baptist spoke up and told the crowd
La route firme for He Who is greater
La Hounde de la Heave chastised the crowd
'Till whole towns said none is greater
So if you think you fear a fanatic
Realize Reconciliation Forgiveness fantastic

The Converted Confirmed buzz of Baptised
Is a different greater new life
So if we want you born again from strife
Our Communion is so good be enticed
You only need fear God is so good
Single, married, religious, Healed, a priesthood 

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