Monday, 2 November 2015

The Fire

You are a strange God
but like a close friend!
You are a fearful God
however merciful as a true love.
You consume all foreign desire
or seek us out, estranged away.
You spark us, Whom we've sought
and reignite the passion for you.
The manifold idols sacrifice given;
all Baal prophet's could not put to flame.
We are Elias, who feel the warmth
in Your still small voice shining through.
Like a forest fire takes all in the wake,
no obstacle stands, people are swept up
now, the heat is intense, people feel it.
The love of God cares for me.
Grant us pardon and peace in the stillness,
in the calm sweet Communion brings.
You are here as a faithful furnace
To drive far from us the Fall chill.
As God Who renews the tired bones.
The other gods: hollow hope of phonies.

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