Monday, 2 July 2012

July 1st, ‘12

O Canada

When I was a boy –
I was sure
God blessed our country;
We were the chosen few:
The place Christ sought
To return to –
To restore Zion,
Bring in a millennium
Of peace, we had
Peace keepers
In Cyprus and the Middle East,
Vast natural resources,
Pristine hinterlands,
An untamed northlands,
The most Rocky Mountains,
The first winter wheat.
Strong unions, the welfare state,
Assured health care,
Bi-lingualism, multiculturalism,
The best sea harvest,
Transcontinental transportation, communication,
And a just society.

But today –
There is no freedom
For the unborn;
Hate crime and bullying,
Religious freedom for the few,
Not for Christian peoples,
And we are at war
With Islamic militants.
Our gays, military,
Students and original peoples
Are suicidal. Liberals push
For Dr. assisted suicide
For our culture of death.
The counter culture is prevalent
As the number of jobless
And protesters and riots.
Our resources are depleted,
Nobody knows the end results,
Of pollution and pollutions
Of technology, of morals,
Or agricultural experimentation,
Or extent of medical,
And as the waters rise,
The crags aren't so high.

If Jesus
Were to come back –
Today, I think
He would
Destroy the World
And we
Would make God
To do so
Oh Canada!

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