Sunday, 24 June 2012

The singing heart

Happy St. John the Baptist’s Nativity Day, especially if you are celebrating in Quebec.

I thought I’d update my blog for June, Sacred Heart of Jesus month, with the lyrics for a praise song I wrote in the small hours of the night. One might put it to a tune.

Songs in the Night

You give me
O Lord, God of might
Songs in the night.
You give me
Songs of praise,
Lord God of power!

What could be more surreal?
Than have the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Shower His blessing of love
Burn within us merciful love.

Better than a good psychotrop
Filling us as a gift
Amazing grace from above
God, Holy Spirit of Love.

Triune God of this Hour;
This watch in the night
You have taken me,
Through my darkest hour,
To my destiny:
To dwell, with You,
With You under my roof,

To one day be
With You, for all eternity,
Where there is no lack of love,
Or lack of light,
Or lack of song –
To give You praise,

Like this night song,
Is insufficient
To give You
The worship
Due to You!

Almighty God,
Most powerful God,
Deserving of all my love
And worthy of all my praise

Night and days
Wonderful counsellor,
O Wellspring,
Without end.
Amen, amen and amen!

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