Sunday, 22 July 2012

another poem from this morning

Morning Glory

There is no word that describes the glory of our God.
Like mango in the morning,
As we are forgiven when we do wrong;
Christ is our friend in the highest place,
Wants the unbeliever to become a friend,
And the glory of this mercy,
Is my story that will never end.

Like starting a new job,
Or the first day of class,
Is the fresh love of the Holy Spirit,
New each morning,
The Consoler will come to you.
God is a mystery,
One can only begin to understand,
Who will you renew.

God is the founder of all things,
Who is our Father,
Our loving guardian,
A Dad, who, takes you by your hand.
We can learn God’s love,
To love our sisters and our brothers;
When this Pop takes you to the school of Sunday -
Each morning we learn to apply the Golden Rule.

So I welcome as the sunshine
God’s hand in my life.
I try to fathom the mystery
Of the Trinity, worshipped for two thousand years.
I try to live my life
In appreciation of the Golden Mean,
And see the light of the Triune God
Dawn within my brain.

Enlighten my heart to love again,
All of God’s creation,
Within a glorious plan,
From the first of a new day,
This truth may just be a spark,
The Three in One God guides me in this way.

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