Sunday, 29 July 2012

Choose Life

We have a mighty God
 A couple of nights ago I couldn’t sleep. But I made some flow of consciousness notes which I have translated here as a stream.
God fought for the Israelites as a mighty warrior. He bodily entered the fray and so did His angel, a couple of times, winning battles on His own. With Moses rod, the death angel killed the first born of the Egyptians, and their chariots were drowned in the Red Sea. We can’t understand now such warlike times. Or can we? In WWs it was thought that God was for the allies. I remember hearing a talk from someone that said the only Power is God. He believed actual angels intervened in more than one situation. Is God for the free world in the conflicts it is facing today? From the days of rock’n’roll to the virtual conflicts in kid’s games the youth are indoctrinated into the philosophy of anarchy. My father said there were two types of anarchy: ones have an established oligarchy; others have not.
Too often these days we see victims of psychos. St. Dymphna, my patron saint, the patron of people with mental health issues, must be a very busy saint nowadays. Relationships and families in conflict are prevalent. People with addictions, substance abuse, alcoholism, tobacco, Marijuana and its derivatives seem to be the result of experimentation in Germany and California. Is it hip, medical use, social use or a necessary self-medicating escape? Were not all these problems my own? Without God fighting for me to be Converted my life would have had far worse consequences.
St. Joseph had angelic messages in order that Christ did not die in the second slaughter of innocents, just as Moses did not in the first one. And so we have a mighty Savior who learned to be industrious in His father’s carpentry shop. His kingdom was not a military one, but one of the heart. He was not calling for ten thousand angels to spare Him from the way of the cross.
St. Mary is our role model of abstinence, celibacy, and chastity. It is the truth that monogamy leads to happiness for those enlightened to practice it as a heterosexual. In the world today all other sexual practice has come to light.
The Hound of Heaven (look up the poem), is the mighty Holy Spirit, counsellor, advocate, and guide, convicts us to lead us to conversion. As my father used to say: get off your high horse or settle down and fly right. Take a dose of reality. Be a winner and not a loser. Learn of the mighty Triune God, not an unknown, the higher power, the solution to our times and the hypocrisy of my youth, the only Power, the Prince of Peace, a just judge; full of mercy.
Mary full of grace, pray for us. St. Joseph, guardian of the family of God, patron of Canada and workers, pray for us. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I love you, help me with your Rosary and Scapular.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I give you my heart and soul. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, assist me in my last agony. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, may I breathe forth my soul in peace with you. Angel of God, my Guardian dear, To whom His love commits me here, Ever this day be at my side, To light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.
As my dad said, there is no rest for the wicked. Whether it will be like a flash of lightning across the skies, or being struck by lightning, we will all one day see Judge Jesus, the Light of the World, the Lighthouse. Mary is the Star of the Sea and St. Joseph is the protector of pilgrims. May my lamp be lit and may I be a ready light.

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