Sunday, 5 August 2012

A song for weekend Masses

Sweet Communion

When I get to You;
And You get to me:
How happy I am,
How lovely our thots,
Sweet Communion!

Better, Lord, by far,
Than swinging on a star,
You made all the stars in the heavens.

Greater still our love,
Than all the stars above,
And all the things below.
You make us glow.

Where is the hate,
The race to be great,
The panic for abuse and misuse,
Things and people?

Where is the defeat,
The isolation in the street,
Now we’re beneath the Cross, on our steeple?

We’re with You now.
You’re with us now.
You’re alive in us.
Dwell with us.

Stay with Your people.
Now I bring You thanks
For all You did, you do, give thanks
And You promise this will last forever.

You forgave, forgive, healed and heal me.
My bad past was swallowed
By Your sacrifice
And now the future
You give me!

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