Saturday, 24 December 2016

In Your Barnyard - Christmas

When; if I were an ox
- and all I have to share
is my food trough, except
for some straw, crude and bare.

My dumb owner; of my stall,
He's no other friend with me,
The rest of his rooms are full:
He sent away a needy couple early.

Now him, wild, invites them in,
Tonight, I've a mule companion,
Mary, her betrothed, a baby Jesus,
New, here I may give my manger.

As she wraps her newborn,
In swaddling, Christ, in stillness,
Lets the ass' and my thoughts, heard.
Hers' a gift, planned to end illness.

For there, we hear of angels,
Tell these shepherds of peace, good news,
Good will, this Lord, Saviour brings,
With lambs, rams, and into my shed, ewes.

Now my shelter would be full.
Donkey says we've no lack of friends.
The family stays for, its, their ritual,
And there's more, it's before my story ends.

Into the stable stroll camels.
Theirs, mandarins with three gifts -
Before the Infant-King, Priest and human sacrifice -
We all bow, low, kneel and with me worships

My Creator, God and true friend
Who accepts mine, with, He's to sacrifice
Heaven and Life, completes my barn,
Completes my lack, thus shall suffice.

With you I've shared my story,
With Mule I shared my hay;
I share my life with this babe of glory,
Jesus will share His with all come His Way.

Mary was humble and lowly.
The Kings bowed and prayed.
Joseph and the shepherds became holy
Like the Babe they worshipped in my stead.

My owner eventually prospered;
Became kind and generous to all,
For by show of care for Jesus:
They are blessed, when you regard my stall.

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