Thursday, 29 December 2016

for New Years

I've no to do list Spirit because whatever You'd ask of me is all I have to accomplish. My date book is full because all my days I've booked with You Father. What would Jesus do I ask you? Spend eternity with Me! All I have I offer Mary. She is the only way to her Christ Child. Whom, is the only Way, to the Father, Jesus. All my achievements all the time Mary gives to the Son. With the Spirit, 3 in 1, hers to offer to God, not holding back, I rest peacefully O Raboni.
How can I rest when Joseph was such a provider; I have a honey do list - the length. The agenda is booked solid with a World in sore need of the Good Physician. St. Joseph, Mary's Most Chaste Spouse: see this sexuality taught in N. America would destroy the Holy Family, the Infant is not wanted, the aged just let go, the poor are not welcome in the Kingdom, we do not seek the lost along the Way. St. Joseph pray to the Lord for us, for our dying Canada. Build again.

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