Sunday, 11 September 2016

Marian thought

If (some of my own words) from 6th Sept. '16
If Jesus is "the Bright and Morning Star " ; then Mary must be the first star we see tonight.
If Jesus is the only way to the Father: Mary is the only way to Jesus I'd want to go.
If Jesus is the answer, then Mary is the question.
If Jesus is my all in all, Mary is the Mother of all.
If Jesus is Raboni ; then Mary is Instructress.
If Jesus is my Master: Mary my Mistress.
If Jesus is Lord, then Mary is my Lady.
If Jesus is my brother, Mary my sister.
If Jesus is the Prince of Peace, then Mary is Queen of Reconciliation.
If Jesus saves: Mary rejoices in Heaven.
If Jesus sets the captive free, then Mary love surrounds.
If Jesus is Wonderful, Counselor, Mary powerful aid.
Where there is Jesus, there there is Mary.
When there is Mary then there is Jesus.
What is so close a friend? Who is Christ but Mary's own dear Son?
Whom would our Queen serve but Jesus, Amen!

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