Sunday, 17 July 2016

After some time ...

I'm going to see - the woman at the well:
Discuss my hypocrisy with Nicodemus Pharisee,
See all we had to sell; with the rich rule.
I'm going to be - at a wedding feast:
With the apostle Matthew, and little Zacchaeus;
The wine will be in plenty.
I'm goin to get at hug - from my Mother Mary -
And my own dear mum:
Mention my own small way, with St. Therese;
Sing this song with St. Cecilia.
I'm not going - to miss the mark:
King David as friend,
Like Elisha, in a whirlwind;
I'm going to talk with my Maker.
I'm going to walk - with my Master:
Blaze on, with Spirit;
I'm on my Way to Heave.
This story - is never ending:
Heroes, martyrs, saints and sinners forgiven;
By grace we're all taken to Heaven -
Disciples up to Mercy:
Prophet's, priests and kings;
Never ending Glory!
Are you coming - with me?
There are many:
 I'd like you to get to know, witness;
About Jesus testify.

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