Friday, 23 November 2012

funny Christmas poem

I’m afraid the Judaic Christian tradition of angels and demons is almost lost of the European and Western minds. Sprites and elves, science and medicine both have failed to give way to a firm belief in your angel or your demon and have replaced them. I try to embrace the Church’s tradition unlike the liberals, however feel in no danger of rejecting it when indulging in some fiction:
 St. Nicholas’ cousin was a humorous elf
 The product of the same lab which produce the St.
 Sean was his contemporary of little fame
 But be careful when with the same brush you try to paint

 Sean too was a Christmas elf
 He too seemed to travel time
 Certainly Sean was a generous soul
 No end to his shenanigans – it consumes my rhyme

 If we should attempt a Christmas tree
 To place our cards, gifts, and presents under
 Decorations lost, broken, so prevented
 Till his cousin brought one from yonder

 Tags got changed and cards in wrong envelopes
 Would leave one and all dissatisfied with things
 Unless the St. restored the order
 To remind us of the joy Christmas brings

 We can’t blame Sean for burning the turkey
 That was done by Auntie Lu
 But had he not unhooked her rug
 She might have had the mind not to do

 Sean did give the canned heat to the beggar child
 But then we couldn’t keep the gravy warm
 No; opened the window: let out the smoke of burnt fowl
 Sending in the wasp swarm

 Sean the elf always thought to light a candle
 But not to keep from it used gift wrap
 He had Fr. Pat bless his baby Jesus
 But in Fr.’s manger tied his cat with a strap

 You’d say Sean was the life of the party
 First to get there and last to go
 But like his fellow time traveller
 It seemed just the opposite, was he there, we didn’t know

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