Friday, 2 November 2012

a poem for Hallowe'en, and All Saints, past, All Souls, and American Thanksgiving Days

Three Realms

Besides the World divided in realms of two
That of Evil and of Good
You find the Church of Christ amongst three
The gates of Hell shall not prevail ‘tis true
Against her and her motherhood
And with St. Peter you find intrusted the key

The Church Suffering is in Purgatory
Your beloved uncle with Christ some day
Now just sleeps in the Lord of life
He needs our prayers still in misery
Have you but one Hail Mary to say
And with the saints he’ll give up the strife

For once perfected is the Church Triumphant
Alive with the Angels in Heave
Are the Saints of the Lamb of Mary
For them we must give thanks jubilant
As they do for their Bridegroom them did save
Your saintly grandma guardian patron the whole company

Surrounded by this cloud of witnesses on Earth
Risen to battle is the Church Militant
Combatting Evil by being the Good
So give thanks the right man sends us forth
On our side Lord Sabaoth victoriant
Give thanks for others rest in God care and food

This view may seem overly simplistic
The Worlds split in two the Church in three
Yet Jesus puts us in a state of peace
We give thanks also for this grace fantastic
Give thanks for the Good passed into eternity
They pray for us we for them a thanksgiving day for heavenly repast

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