Monday, 3 September 2012

A poem from Labour Day weekend.

Spiritual Pride
What’s the big idea?
My Saviour said to me.
I want to be a mover
And a shaker!
You want to be holy?
Is that necessary?
May the Lord’s face
Always shine on me.
I did not always seek
The loving Father’s face.
I no longer could face God.
A prodigal in disgrace.
Where are you my wayward son?
Why not give it one last try?
Like so many in denial,
Numb to the hunger inside;
Every time I face temptations:
I was full of spiritual pride,
I don’t need more merciful grace,
Who needs spiritual food?
The Holy Spirit spot lit my heart.
And I begin to see my need.
“Do not hunger and thirst
For that which does not satisfy.
Feed the hungry, clothe the naked.
In as much as you’ve done it
Unto the least of these,
You’ve done it unto me.
Humble yourself!
Take up your cross.
Follow me.

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