Sunday, 24 June 2018

7 thoughts gleaned from night lacking sleep

Religion's not really strange but belief in the Triune is truly full of wonder.
You can believe what you like but you may not be happy without Jesus' Body.
There seems like there is a lot to understand in Catholicism but if you appreciate humble Mary was the Mother of God it puts it in perspective.
Anybody can make sacrifices for humanity or their religion, but the faith on its own without uniting one's self to the sacrifices symbolized by a crucifix, will not renew us.
To be replenished we must drain the cup of the Blood of the pact Christ made between the Father and us; for in Jesus, with Him, and through Him we have our being.
There is so much mercy: God's Spirit can put entirely right a World that has gone so terribly wrong as hard as that is to believe. So much mercy should bring tears to our eyes and we should accept it as a way of life.
It is far better to realize the Master is the Truth and stay in His Way as young.

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