Monday, 9 April 2018


I am not God.
It is taking a long time for us to learn this.
God is in power. Not the conservatives, not the liberals, non other god is in power.
There is a difference, the Lord of Life has taught us, between mercifully helping others and trying to control.
But God is in control.
God has placed others in positions of control over us.
The Lord is coming again for me.
He expects me to serve others as He has done.

Through His power I yield to Him.
I yield to His control.
In Him and with Him I am in control.
I have peace with Him.
The Lord of Life I see.
Living in poverty, serving humanity, giving us all a second chance, giving us His Life, Baptism, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity; but coming again for us.
All control will cease on day.
We wont need the Sun in Heaven. There is only one Power, the Son.
See Jesus in the clouds. Right now He is waiting for us.
Waiting for us to be under control.

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