Tuesday, 13 February 2018

I Want to Have Fun, Fun, Fun!

Let the rafters be rung, rung, rung!
But Lent means Spring, spring, spring!
into giving, giving, giving;!
devote living, living, living!
And winter is bleak, bleak, bleak!
I need a break, break, break!
Or what does it mean I desire
not sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice?!
Make my heart contrite!
I will do Penance, penance, Penance.
I offer thanks, thanks, thanks!
From steeples ringing, ringing, ringing:!
Thanksgiving, thanksgiving, thanksgiving!
Christ, paid the price, price, price!
So I sing thrice, thrice, thrice!
a fast is nice, nice, nice!
Thaws the ice, ice, ice!!!

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