Thursday, 4 May 2017

What is our Joy?

What is our joy?
When we first believed
Oh what peace there
In the Chapel I adored

I was middle aged
Before I had the Faith
To see Jesus was
The Bread of Life

The Spirit opened
My eyes were blind
Now Christ lives again
Father is behind

Each time Host is God
The Eucharist
To be adored
For consumerist

Why we crave more
More of the I Am
To be united
Married to the Lamb

Only at the Mass
In Holy Communion
And Adoration
We have such union

The Master's everywhere
At God's right hand
From Age to Age
Presence understand

The Bread of Life
He can save you
He ends your strife
He will heal you

Not just existence
God became Man
He is our essence
In forms of Wine

And Bread our Esse
We don't just exist
We live with Hope
With Eucharist!

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