Monday, 17 April 2017

Rhyme and Reason

Do you just see the bling blang?
I love sacramentals - live in art true!
Are our prayers long, repetitive and unheard?
We love Our Mother; beyond the blue.
We adore and worship Christ's Body.
To us it doesn't remain just Bread.
T'is the Covenant in Blood from the Cross
Which we venerate. Communion is remembered.
Do you have the Hope of Glory?
We all need Purgatory
Is celibacy to be forsaken?
From Jesus come apostolic tradition
Clean from St. Peter to Pope Francis.
Another church is a division.
Gates of Hell will not prevail.
In the Spirit I make presentation.
Afraid to Confess to a priest?
He'll grant Reconciliation to God!
Do I not have my own mind?
When everything feels right Church laud!
Where I'm happy, loved, fit, have purpose.
I'm not tossed on the waves.
Will you join in the resurrection?
Mystery - God loves me, miracle - Jesus saves.
Do we remember those gone before?
Is it by this or that alone faith?
By alone version, interpretation, translation
Or teaching universal united Faith?
Do you practice lectio divina
To put yourself right in Scripture?
Right: me and Jesus sounds okay.
Christ in the Church is the bigger picture!

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