Saturday, 17 March 2012

poem for Lent

Lament for A Saviour

Did anybody really love me.

Did anyone really care.

I know that my Mother Mary,

Did salvation’s story with me share.

And John, the Beloved, was with me,

Right on top of Calvary’s hill.

Then Mary Magdalene first saw me

After I rose and had to meet Father still.

But who was it when others leave me

Stand by like Saints Peter and Paul.

Or when the majority would deny me

Saints like Lucy and Barbara stand tall.

In times many would persecute us

There’d be a Saint Polycarp to offer up

And where the Faith those would desert us

Saints Ambrose and Benedict held the Cup.

If you need to fight a dragon for me

Be a Saint George, a patron, a friend.

And pagan, all, world seems around me,

Be as St. Patrick, to convert, make that a trend.

Do most protest or split from us?

Be a Saint Teresa of Avila.

Is your will or health not for us?

Be a Saint Therese of Liseux.

Do all hoard and greed around you?

Be a Saint Theresa of India.

Then should you feel lowly; I’m calling you:

Be a Saint Andre, have a Saint Joseph view.

And what of you – think no one knew me

When you thought your last lover gone?

Will you be sister/brother to me?

Turn this lament to victory song.

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