Thursday, 29 December 2011

For a Happy New Year

This Year Escape to...
What happened when the wise people figured out from the stars that the Sovereign God Incarnate was thee in Bethlehem to worship. The Holy Family, Mary, Joseph and the Christ Child were warned by Heavens agents, God’s messengers, Angels, that it was time to escape to Egypt. These magi had really stirred up something. King Herod sent his men to a slaughter of innocents there, in his perceived threat, a Christ was.
And do we feel threatened this year? Do we need to escape? Have a big party? Or even just hide in bed? But what difference can I make? The Christian Way is to offer Hope for the world. Each newborn baby is a blessing. God cares for us all, regardless of what we have inherited, or the environment we are born into today. Medicine and science want to control unborn life, birth and death. But from the time we are conceived until our natural passing from the World, God plans for us and loves us: whether we are Jewish, male, wear a burkha, are in the Way of the Word, or not.
I heard of a bar mitzvah that cost over a million, price tag. Just the idea of jet hopping around the world to shop for it annoyed me. I find just our occasional trips to Ottawa and Toronto, overnight road trips, almost cramp my style. But they did book a couple of celebrity stars: why didn’t they just break the bank and have a charity concert for homeless? I do like eggnog, and travel, especially family vacations and pilgrimages. And my sleep and social function. But the Way of the Cross should be basically self sacrifice. And so some, if not us all, find a Christ centric lifestyle to be very challenging. It challenges our way of thinking.
This year, on facebook, another escape for me, instead of watching the Queen’s message broadcast on Christmas, I watched it on U tube, the day after Boxing Day, because one of my former pastors had posted it there. Our Monarch is a lady who keeps the true meaning of Christ’s birth. She sees the world as a community, a family, threatened, and we need to pull together. By sacrificial giving we can meet the adversities.
I don’t reject science and medicine. Without them we wouldn’t have technology, world travel, longevity, infra structure and mental health. Although all those boons to a certain extent banish some piece of mind. We wouldn’t have a concept of health and comfort, if it weren’t for these high disciplines. But let us remember these innocent victims of our shrinking planet that has vast populations of peoples, particularly the young, who are threatened, rather than reaping the benefits of affluence. This year, may I be resolved to make a difference. And may my Church be seen in a positive light.
May the Star, that guided the Wise people, be that of the Christ Child; and His Holy Spirit unite us to be one people, caring for everybody. May He light our Way, so as all is right in Heaven, so too on Earth. And may our guardian angels rule, light and guide us. May we escape our slavery to this World, and build better lives of the next World to come. We ask in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

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